Addenda to original paper

Unfortunately I've lost the original source code to my paper and so can't revise the content there.  On this page I will add addenda to my paper when appropriate.

Addenda to Isaiah 11 and 65 passages -

Jews at the time of Isaiah, all of whom are dead, would presumably want to be part of the blessing of childbirth, descendants etc.  They’d want to partake of those blessings too.  It’d be strange that they’d want to see those blessings extended only to the survivors of the tribulation (the ‘naturals’, who aren’t glorified) without wanting it themselves.

Ezekiel’s wife etc.  Why should the mere fact that someone once died preclude them this blessing?  Why should the mere fact that they are now glorified in the bodies that should have been theirs (from the beginning) imply that they can no longer bear children?  Hence, it’s natural to think that these resurrected righteous Jews would also be part of the blessing that Isaiah proclaims, in addition to whatever surviving Jews exist at the time.

These blessings were written not just for the future generation, but to the Jews in Isaiah’s time, indeed all generations since, and presented as something good and to be looked forward to.  The past generations would have probably valued the blessings more than now even esp. The goodness of childbirth.  They would’ve looked forward to the Restoration of all things in the same terms that Isaiah described i.e. childbirth.

By extension, why should we resurrected gentiles be precluded from said blessings by virtue of our being gentiles?