Loading film into developing tank

Tank components.

Cutting tongue from film roll

You should have enough pre-exposed film (from loading film into camera) to be
able to pull at least 15-20 cm from the canister and load it onto the spool in normal light.

Place the pre-loaded spool into the bag along with the other tank components.

Close both the inner and outer zips

Locate the spool inside the bag.

The next steps take place inside the lightproof bag. Practice doing
this with a discarded piece of film.

Pull some film from the canister.

Roll the film onto the spool. Repeat the above (roll film from canister)

When all the film is rolled on, locate the scissors, holding the film, place the
fingers of your left hand between the spool and the film canister and using your
fingers as a guide, cut the end of the film roll free from the film canister.

Place the spindle through the center of the spool.

Place the spool into the tank.

Place the funnel securely into the tank body and lock into place.

The developing tank can now be taken out of the lightproof
bag. You can place the watertight EVA cap on if you like. However
the tank is lightproof once the funnel is secured.