This site is the repository for the viscous hydrodynamics model for heavy-ion collisions (VH2+1) and the ads+hydro+cascade model (codename 'SONIC'), as well as its generalization to fluctuating initial conditions (codename 'superSONIC').

The code in this repository is a collection of software written by different people. Specifically, contributors were P. Romatschke, U. Romatschke and M. Luzum (vh2); M. Strickland (paramreader.cpp); P. F. Kolb, J. Sollfrank, and U. Heinz (reso); Y.Nara (kln); S.Pratt (b3d); Wilke van der Schee (ads); Ryan Weller (consitutent quark ICs). If using these codes, please be sure to cite the relevant references.

You can download all available versions at "Download".