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The Public Speaks

A collection of comments both near and far.

Your email and comments will help save this historic site. Here is a collection of personal comments and views in support of saving these historic buildings.

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I am proud to call Canton my home--usually! I have been in the military for 35 years and Canton is my official "home of record" and although far away, I follow the happenings closely. I've always known about the Revere structures--what Canton kid didn't mosey about town on his/her bike and check out the far reaches? I hope that the "old time" Canton residents (see lots of new places springing up all the time!) will rally to save this historical treasure. I hope everyone will appreciate and support Mr. Comeau and all of the dedicated folks on the historical commission who are trying to do the right thing--and are having to battle the nemesis of all historical sites--big money and new land owners. Good luck, Mr. Comeau, and I pray that you are successful. Not sure I'd want to return to a town that doesn't care about its heritage.

Kawai - Sept. 2008

The Mill is a valuable piece of America's heritage. I will never understand why developers buy historically significant property, then act surprised when folks object to demolition.

The solution would have been the developers purchasing a property they could demolish, and not a historic property. It's that painfully simple.

Fight hard on this, Canton, Mass! It matters to more than just your community.


Old Brick House Farm

Summit-Waller, WA

The [Patriot ]Ledger's coverage of this issue seems quite slanted, implicating the Town for not giving in to the demands of a bottom-line business that freely admits to the Boston Globe "We're here to make some money. We're in real estate development and that is what we do...." (June 8, 2008). If I lived in Canton, I'd be at that Town Meeting on Wednesday. I hope that the citizens of Canton will go to the meeting and get involved to work out a compromise that will save its historic treasures.

Who would really want to live on a brown field. Canton has the lovely reputation of having super fund sites thanks to old industries. The Dyes from Neponset Mills, Mr. Deutschman's Radio Shack landfill, and now Revere Copper works. But that is no reason to tear down history, yet another example of corporate greed at its best. Let's build it and expose our kids to god know what. Knock knock!! WAKE UP!!!



I'm writing to add my voice to those who are vehemently protesting the destruction of the Revere buildings. These buildings are truly a part of the American historical landscape, and should not be demolished.

Though I have not visited Canton, I have family in New England, and have visited several times. I was also in a military band, stationed in New Jersey, during the Bicentennial year. We traveled over much of New England, playing in the many parades that were held to celebrate our nation's Bicentennial. We cannot forget history, and these buildings are a part of that. Please DO NOT destroy these buildings.



Idaho Falls, ID

I have been informed about the upcoming meeting to decide whether or not to demolish the remaining buildings. I previously expressed my horror that such a thing would even be considered at all. Even though I live in California, most of my forebears were from the Canton area and many are still there. It is appalling to me that people appear to care more about their wallets than they do about their history. Please prevent this from happening!


Santa Barbara CA

I cannot understand why this should even be an issue. How could anyone even want to destroy such an historic landmark. Paul Revere was such an important player in America's fight for freedom that the demolition of his mill would be a horrible travesty.

Please, for the sake of American history past, present, and future, SAVE THE MILL!


I am especially grateful to you for your efforts to rescue the Revere

Rolling ill and barn for America. It sounds like a burden and a surprise. I wish there was more I could do to help. As I do not live near Canton, I have little say in the matter. So far, I did make a call to the Patriot Ledger expressing my interest in preserving the site as a national landmark from the American Revolutionary and 1812 era: the site of the first copper rolling mill in America that made "Old Ironsides" and gave America naval victories in the War of 1812. Should the town and/or CHS secure the buildings, I would be happy to volunteer where I can. Thank you for your efforts.


New York

It was through one of my internet searches recently that I discovered the issue with the Revere buildings, and although I understand a citizen's right to develop his or her property, I am appalled at the insensitivity of Mr. Napleton to the historic value of these buildings. I will continue help as much as I can from afar, and I welcome any additional information which you can provide.

Thank you so much for trying to save these buildings.




Gentlemen and Ladies:

The historic and intrinsic value of our country is embedded within the structures our forefathers erected in order to carry forth their work. Should we allow these edifices to be destroyed in the name of progress? I say, "NO!"

True, I have never visited your fair city. In fact I would need to look at a map in order to give you directions from Ohio. I do not feel this is an issue. The issue is: how long before the structures of historic importance are considered extinct?

Imagine the White House, the Supreme Court Building, Montecello, Mount Vernon, the Battlefield at Gettysburg, or the Cemetery at Arlington being plowed under for the sake of progress and new developments. The monetary value is soon lost in such developments and will never be recouped. The historic value can never be measured and the price of it's destruction will be forever borne by the generations to follow.

I implore you to consider the cost in historic value and national pride versus the gains (?) in monetary value.


Thank you for your consideration.


Middletown, Ohio

I just heard about this from a cousin in Ohio. This is outrageous! Please stop the Napleton concern fron destroying those buildings and prevent them from building dense housing. Please!


Santa Barbara CA

When my husband worked at Plymouth Rubber back in 1953 he said there were only 2 buildings left and there was a plaque saying Paul Revere Foundry on one of the buildings. And if I am not mistaken Plymouth Rubber did some construction work back in the 1940's. I remember sitting in a high school window and watching what was going on. Course this was one of the windows in the back on the 2nd floor.

I don't know who this man is but he sure in Hell is not an American, but just a money hungry so called ..... and should be run out of town. Just who does he think he is!!

I was born in Norwood but my parents were living in Canton in 1931 and I went to the Elliot school, Revere school and the old High School as did my father and his siblings back in the 1920's. My grandparents were married in Sharon but lived in Canton on Prospect St. My grandmother had a little store across from what is now the Dean S. Luce school and gramps was a conductor on the trolley from Canton on down to Mattapan!

I was married in Canton and my kids went to school in Canton until we moved to ugh! NH

I was in Canton on the Sat. you celebrated Canton Days. We had a memorial for my father who died Sept 19th and said he would have enjoyed having it on that day. LOL Oh ya he was 101 when he died.

When I was there I couldn't believe that Canton had become a city!! We got lost trying to find our way around. But to let this man do this is unconscionable. boycott the building and don't letworkers go in.

Oh I know newcomers and foreigners could care less.

There has to be a bit of Revere property left to put those buildings on.

I am even going to sign my name. I am so disgusted!!



Yesterday, January 10, 2008 I had the pleasure of driving my mother to Canton. You see it was her 91st birthday and she wanted to see the place of her birth.

Although I have been to Canton, it was the first time I had accompanied my mother and I am 60 years.

Among the places she requested to see besides Canton Junction, the cemetery and what is left of the "White Farm" on Chapman Street, she wanted to go to the Plymouth Rubber Company. What a shock for her.

We tried to drive in, but were stopped and told that it had been sold. My grandfather was an engineer at the company, starting there in 1910, and mother had wanted to show me his office beside the falls.

Now she has a million questions. So today I came across your website and I will show it to her over the weekend. (She is computer literate at 91).

We shall educate ourselves and watch the developments in Canton. Congratulations to you for helping to make the public aware of the wonderful history that exists in Canton and it is the public's duty to speak out.



How can we convince him? Maybe we bribe him, by promising him an article/thank you ad in the Canton newspapers from Canton Historical when he does state, unequivocally, that he plans to keep the buildings. We should ALSO let him know that by saving the buildings, that gives Naples bragging rights, and lets them compare themselves or their company to the ingenuity, pioneering spirit, patriotism and quality of product in Revere's first copper rolling mill in America.

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