Paul Revere & Sons

Canton, Massachusetts

Listen, my children, and you shall hear, of the midnight ride of Paul Revere

One of the "Most Endangered

Historical Resources" in Massachusetts

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The site stands silent. Snow and rain rip through the abandoned buildings. The developer is seeking new owners and the community waits for a new day in the history of this mill site. Sometimes, history happens and all you can do is watch it. On Thursday, August 14th 2008, the Canton Historical Commission invoked a six month demolition delay on the Paul Revere & Sons Rolling Mill and the Revere Barn. At the request of Attorney Paul Schneiders, Rick Brandstatter and the property owner - Brian Napleton, the buildings are now free for demolition.

The developer has withdrawn plans for a new rezoning attempt at the 2009 Annual Town Meeting. The zoning change would have created an over 55 independent living facility. The new facility would have been located on or near the dumping grounds which raised serious environmental concerns. At present there is no agreement to save the historic mill or barn in consideration for the Zoning amendment.

The final legacy in Canton of the Patriot Paul Revere is now in the hands of the developer. As the bells begin to sound a death knell, we will work to spread the word and find a way to preserve the final remaining buildings on the site.

The Plymouth Rubber Site - the former mill site of Paul Revere is actively being marketed as an industrially zoned property for sale. The six lot industrial subdivision is being shown frequently. Potential buyers should learn more about the historic and archaeologically significant resources located on the property. Also, the site was used extensively as an industrial complex and potential buyers should learn more about possible chemical and toxic waste that was used on the site. It is thought that the cleanup of this site could cost millions of dollars.

On, Monday, May 19, 2008 the developer through their Attorney, Paul Schneiders has filed a demolition request with the Town of Canton to remove the last buildings remaining on the site. The final two remaining buildings of Revere & Sons Copper Company that sit along the Neponset River are close to being lost to the world forever. Please help us preserve and protect these buildings from demolition at the hands of a Chicago developer.

From this humble home built for "an honest miller" Paul Revere began an empire that literally built America.

In 1801, Paul Revere began a new chapter in his life and he chose Canton, Massachusetts as his new home & career. After many years of actively participating in the birth of our nation, Revere came to Canton to build the first copper rolling mill in America. From this mill was produced the first and finest copper sheet metal in the fledgling nation.

By 1803, Revere Copper was used to line the hull of Old Ironsides, to build the roof at New York City Hall, and to sheath the dome of the Massachusetts State House. Revere Copper was used by Robert Fulton famous Fulton Steamships, and more than 700 brass cannons were cast that saw action in the War of 1812 and the Civil War.

What hangs in the balance is preserving the buildings and the archeology of the historic home site against a developer who intends on maximizing the development of the property.

There is much you can do, but stay a moment and read about the history of this amazing place.

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