"There is a stimulating effect when we ask questions, when curiosity ignites our imagination and when we challenge the self-imposed boundaries that contain and limit our potential. I am curious, vulnerable and full of self doubt, I am constantly challenged to search beyond what is safe. I am excited by what may lay beyond my insecurities and like all artists, I try to make art that is personal and honest. What you see is only my struggle toward those goals... In the end I am only what I allowed myself to be."- Artist Dan MacCaw

"Art is the objectification of feelings."- Suzanne Langer, aesthetician and educator

es"The best expression of art is when we live in balance. You will see harmony and movement in my paintings. This cohesiveness propels us forwards and provides a way for us to build a better place to live for generations to come"- Juan C Cervantes

"The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace." Mahatma Gandhi

  "Child Victims"- Acrylic on Canvas-30" x 40" 

 "In Hope for Peace II"-Acrylic on Canvas- 18" x 24"

                                     "Execution  of Sixty Dignitaries"-24" x 30"-Acrylic on Canvas

"Explosion VI"- Acrylic on Canvas- 66" x 45"

                                               "Explosion V"- Acrylic on Canvas-27" x 37"                                                           

                                                                "Child Suicide Bomber"-34" x 48"- Acrylic on Canvas

  Mothers and Children"- Acrylic on Canvas- 18" x24"- Available through the Skoto Gallery of Art in New York                                                     


 "The Woman and the Sun"- Acrylic on Canvas-30" x 40"


     "The Drought II"- Oil on Canvas- 16" x 20"

                                                                "No More War"-Acrylic on Canvas-30" x 40"

   "Explosion II"-Acrylic on Canvas- 27" x 37"
"Our Home Stood Here"- 30" x 22"- Oil on Card

"Harvest"- Acrylic on Canvas- 16" x 20" 


 "For Peace"- Acrylic on Canvas-18" x 27"

                                       "The Agony of War"- 24" x 32" Assemblage on Ply-wood

                                                         "The Fury of War"- Acrylic on Card -20" x 40"    

                                                        Dream Design- Acrylic on Canvas- 16" x 20"

Mechanics- Acrylic on Canvas-18" x 24"

"Tea Leaf Pickers"- Oil on Canvas-18" x 24"

     In Hope for Peace I - Acrylic on Canvas- 16" x 21"              

"Refugees" - Mixed media on canvas - 18" x 24"

"Dawn"- Acrylic on Canvas-16" x 20"

"The Wave" Mixed Media on Canvas 16" x 20"

Pollution II- Mixed Media on Canvas- 16" x 21"

"Pollution- Mixed Media on Canvas 30" x 72"

"The Road- Blood , Sweat and Tears"- 20" x 30"-The road that refugees take from their own country- Mixed media on canvas

"What will it Be"- Acrylic on Canvas-20" x 28"

  "Women and Children" Acrylic on Canvas-24" x 30"

"Explosion VII"- 60" x 40"- Acrylic on Canvas


Explosion I- Acrylic on Canvas- 34" x 46"


" Peace"- Acrylic on Canvas- 24" x 30"

"Fertility"-Acrylic on Canvas- 16" x 20"


"Generosity"-Oil on Canvas-16" x 20"*sold in Stokholm, Sweden

"I am the Enemy you killed, my Friend"- 33" x 66"- Acrylic on Canvas-Available through The Skoto Gallery of Art- New York

 Line from war poem called "Strange Meeting" by Wilfred Owen-(1893-1918) Wilfred Owen wrote this poem about a man who had been killed- he walks along a 'dull tunnel') he has died and meets a German soldier who he killed earlier before being killed himself. It ends with 'let us sleep now', meaning 'let us live in peace.'


 "A Moment of Peace"- Acrylic on Canvas-30" x 33"

"Drought Victims"- Oil on Canvas- 25" x 40"