Renaud Foucart, Lancaster University

Welcome to my website. I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Economics at Lancaster University Management School. Before that, I worked at Nottingham University Business School, Humboldt University in Berlin and as a research fellow at Nuffield College (University of Oxford). I hold a PhD from Université libre de Bruxelles(ECARES). I am interested in microeconomic theory, applied to problems in industrial organization, public and environmental economics.

Contact address: Renaud Foucart, Department of Economics, Lancaster University Management School, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YX, United Kingdom, r.foucart <at> lancaster <dot> ac <dot> uk

My vitae: September 2019

Working papers:

  1. Meta Search and Market Concentration, April 2019
  2. On the political economy of industrial, labor and social reforms as complements (with Antonio Estache), February 2019
  3. All-pay competition with captive consumers (with Jana Friedrichsen), October 2019

Peer reviewed publications:

  1. (Almost) efficient information transmission in elections (with Robert C. Schmidt), European Economic Review, 2019, vol.119, pp.147-165, the latest working paper version is here - online appendix
  2. The scope and limits of accounting and judicial courts intervention in inefficient public procurement(with Antonio Estache) , Journal of Public Economics, 2018, vol. 157, pp.95-106, the last working paper version is here(earlier versions have circulated as "corruption and incompetence in public procurement" and "benchmarking politicians") - Online Appendix
  3. Strategic decentralization and the provision of global public goods (with Cheng Wan), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2018, vol. 92, pp.537-558, the last working paper version is here
  4. Climate change mitigation with technology spillovers (with Grégoire Garsous), Environmental and Resource Economics, 2018, vol. 71(2), pp.507-527, the last working paper version is here
  5. Innovations and technological comebacks(with Cheng Wan and Shidong Wan), International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2018, vol. 35, Issue 1, Pages 1-14 the last working paper version is here, (The Conversation: here)
  6. Group consumption and product diversity: the case of smoking bans, Journal of Industrial Economics, 2017, vol.65, 3, pp.559-584, the last working paper version is here
  7. Modal Choice and Optimal Congestion(with Quentin David), Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2014, vol.48, pp.12-20, the last working paper version is here.
  8. Western Financial Agents and Islamic Ethics(withEddy S Fang), Journal of Business Ethics, 2014, vol.123, 3, pp.475-491
  9. Job creation through infrastructure investment in the Middle East and North Africa, (with Elena Ianchovichina, Antonio Estache, Grégoire Garsous and Tito Yepes), World Development, 2013, vol.45, pp.209-222 - the last working paper version is here

Other Publications:

  1. Transport infrastructure failures in Spain: mismanagement and incompetence, or political capture? (with Germà Beland Antonio Estache) in Corruption, Grabbing and Development: Real World Challenges, 2014, edited by Tina Soreide and Aled Williams (link google book)
  2. Autour du décret « Paysage », la politique de l'offre dans l'enseignement supérieur en Communauté française de Belgique, in "Le modèle social belge: quel avenir", proceedings of the 2014 french speaking belgian economists' conference (paper)
  3. Des comportements volatils prévisibles ? Une typologie des résultats électoraux basée sur le comportement des électeurs volatiles en Belgique(with Marjorie Gassnerand Emilie Van Haute) (Cahier du Cevipol, 3/2012). The theory on which the paper is based, by the same authors, is part of the proceedings of the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, under the title: A simple tool to understand patterns of electoral volatility, available here
  4. Dispersion des prix et efficacité des marchés compétitif, Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economique, 2012, Volume LI, Issue 3

Older projects (no plan to publish):

  1. A reverse holdup problem - when workers' lack of bargaining power slows economic adjustment (with Antonio Estache), November 2014, part of this is now used for Appendix C in "On the political economy of industrial, labor and social reforms as complements"
  2. The Mainstream Niche, February 2013, part of this is a simpler version of the model solved in Group consumption and product diversity: the case of smoking bans,

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