Fees & Payment

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Paying for Services, a Smart Investment in Yourself!

    From time to time, we may reward ourselves with material goods, maybe a new watch or clothing. But think about budgeting some of this the money for therapy. What could be a better, long-term investment than improving the quality of your life, your health and well-being, and your relationships? Add therapy to your life-make yourself a priority--you deserve it! I ensure 100% privacy. 


    My fees are competitive for South India based on my services, education level, and experience. Remember, this is an investment in you!

One time, 10-minute phone consultation FREE

Phone Counselling Rs.500/45 minutes (Normal phone connection)

Video Counselling Rs.600/45 minutes (Normal connection like Skype, Zoome etc.) 

Counselling Rs.750/45 minutes

Home Visit Rs.1125/45 minutes within Trivandrum city limit

Hospital / Clinic / Lab etc. Accompanying Rs.5000 + (with full paper work - reference)

Awareness class Rs.500 - 1500/hr based on with/without multimedia content, within Trivandrum city limit

Paper work for medical/legal Rs.100 - 500 based on context (medical/legal)