Fees & Payment

Paying for Services, a Smart Investment in Yourself!

    From time to time, we may reward ourselves with material goods, maybe a new watch or clothing. But think about budgeting some of this the money for therapy. What could be a better, long-term investment than improving the quality of your life, your health and well-being, and your relationships? Add therapy to your life-make yourself a priority--you deserve it! I ensure 100% privacy. 
    Due to COVID-19, High priorities for Phone and Video  counselling. 


    My fees are competitive for South India based on my services, education level, and experience. Remember, this is an investment in you!

One time, 5-minute phone consultation    :    FREE

Phone Counselling (Due to COVID-19)     :    Rs.750/45 minutes (Normal phone connection)

Video Counselling (Due to COVID-19)       :    Rs.900/45 minutes (Normal connection like Skype, Zoome etc.) 

Counselling                                                       :    Rs.500 - 7500/per session based on distance from Trivandrum  

Individual Therapy                                           :    Rs.1000 - 7500/45 minutes/per section based on distance from Trivandrum  

Couples’ or Family Therapy                            :    Rs.1000 - 7500/45 minutes/per section based on distance from Trivandrum  

Hospital / Clinic / Lab etc.Accompanying     :    Rs.15000 - 60000+ (with full paper work - reference)

Awareness class                                                :    Rs.1000 - 1500/hr based on with/without multimedia content 

Paper work for medical/legal                         :    Rs.1000 - 15000 based on context (medical/legal)

My Banks

1.    State Bank of India   - 2 Accounts

2.    Federal Bank (India)

3.    Union Bank    (India)

        also accept Bitcoin (may be traceable - least recommended method) and similar international transactions (Wire/Plastic)