Free math sheets for parents and teachers to download and use.

This is the new welcome site for what was MathOntario hosted at, which have been migrated here. Most of the files will be hosted on Google Drive. You may need a Google Login and Password to download these. It's free, so get one!

Feel free, as a teacher or parent, to copy and print these sheets to suit your students' or child's' needs. However, you do not have permission to copy these sheets to another website or to publish them in any way.

They are sorted by how the Ontario Curriculum is sorted

Number Sense


Patterning and Algebra

Geometry and Spatial Sense

Data Management and Probability

Please note that I have sorted the files as best I can under the headings as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Other jurisdictions around the world would and have sorted it differently. So you may have to look for some files. Does "area" better fall under Measurement or Geometry? "Graphing" uses equations, so does that fall under Algebra or Data Management. Do some problems in Probability better fit under Patterning? There is some overlap, so you may have to look under other headings to find what you are looking for. Consider using "Search this site" at the top of the page to zero in to what you want.

plus other files on:

Problem Solving

Learning Philosophy

Please let other teachers and parents know about these resources.

Please let me know of any difficulty downloading files.

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Barry Stanley