Village Hall Accounts 2017 to 2019 (click to view)

This was the fifth year of fundraising to meet the cost of refurbishment of the Village Hall. It marked Phase 2 completion of project (re-cladding of the Hall building in replacement timber together with construction of a new green oak porch with wood shingle cover). Fundraising progressed to Phase 3 (kitchen refurbishment / upgrade). The internal building works are scheduled to commence in April 2019.

A Grant award of £3,675 was received this financial year from West Sussex County Council. It is notable that this Community Initiative Funding award derived from a crowd-funding project on the internet.

Income receipts also include £2,052 fundraising total from the local community. Fundraising from the pop-up pub evening, Parish WW1 centenary and Christmas party events amounted to £533. The seventh Redford Jazz evening in January raised £1,520.

Costs associated with the Hall porch build were £6,650 in the period ending April 2019 compared to project costs of £48,375 in 2017/18. Annual expenses for running the Village Hall are as follows: Cost overheads comprise building & liability insurance (£518 annual payment). Electricity charges (£301) representing a further 33% decrease after building refurbishment / installation of thermal insulation. Water charges (£142) include a period in the previous financial year. Council Business rates (£180) increase was capped following changes in April 2017. The consistent base of annual income has been the 11 Saturday Markets that raised £1,519 and covered building running costs of £1,223 / year. An online return summarising Redford Village Hall accounts is posted on the internet at the Village Hall and Charity Commission / gov.ukwebsites.

Village Hall Accounts 1996 - 2016 (click to view)