Vote for the Red Dot Book Awards between March 1 and May 1

As the Red Dots are a "children's choice" award, only students may vote.

Students may vote for ONE book in each category (Early Years, Younger Readers, Older Readers, and Mature Readers).  

There is no minimum number of books that must be read (though we assume you have read at least two - as voting implies comparison between two or more things.)

Simply one vote per student per category.

Vote collection

How schools collect votes internally is up to them.

Schools may choose to use more than one method of collecting votes to tailor the process to the age of their students and time constraints.   The individual online voting form is perhaps preferable for older students.

Votes gathered within schools may also be submitted by librarians via a block voting entry form -- which will become live after March 1.

Please submit your votes by May 1

Each school announces their own winners in each category to their own schools. Those schools submitting their votes online are notified of their school totals by the committee.

Photos of voting stations in different schools

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