5Thank you for visiting the Spomer Ranch on the internet. The Spomer Ranch is located fifty miles north of Denver and has been owned and operated by the same family since the turn of the century. Stop by and pick up some buffalo jerky -- we are easy to reach from two major highways and often give tours to customers, school groups, and other interested persons.

The Spomer Ranch supports a bison cow/calf operation, a bison feedlot operation, a horse boarding facility, and a farming operation. The Spomer Ranch is also the home of ‘Red Barn Bison Company’. 

Our feedlot operation consistently provides a prime carcass for our meat market. Feeder stock is started on a grower grain ration prior to weaning. The grower ration is maintained until the animal weighs 900 pounds. A finisher grain ration is then fed for a minimum of 120 days. The optimum finish weight for our feedlot bison is 1200 pounds with a 55% carcass weight. Prime cuts are taken only from stock less than 30 months of age. No growth hormones or stimulants are used.

Our ‘Red Barn Bison Products’ include most cuts of meats, sausages, and jerkies. All meats are USDA inspected and frozen. Our bi-products include head mounts, hides, skulls, leather goods, and gifts. We sell direct to the public from our meat market and gift shop.