Conference Program

Day 1

Friday October 4, 2013

18:00 – 22:00


Welcome Reception

Canadian Museum of Civilization - Room Panorama

Panel Discussion on "Reconstruction in Haiti: Lessons for post-disaster aid efforts"

Guest speakers:

  • Heather Cameron (Senior Director, Haiti and Dominican Republic in the Development Programme of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, Canada)
  • Michael Clemens (Senior fellow at the Center for Global Development)

Sponsored by the Embassy of the United States


Day 2

Saturday October 5, 2013

7:30 - 8:30

Breakfast and Registration (FSS 4007)

8:30 - 10:45

Parallel Sessions

Session 1: Education (FSS 4004)

Chair: Christopher Ksoll (U of Ottawa)

Session 2: Trade (FSS 4006)

Chair: Alberto Chong (U of Ottawa)

Matias Busso (IADB)

Samuel Berlinski (IADB)


“Pedagogical Change in Mathematics Teaching: Evidence from a Clustered Randomized Control Trial”

Rahul Giri (ITAM)

Kensuke Teshima (ITAM)


“Productivity Differences Between and Within Firms”


Tania Barham (U of Colorado Boulder)

Karen Macours (PSE)

John Maluccio (Middlebury College)


More Schooling and More Learning? Effects of a 3-Year Conditional Cash Transfer Program in Nicaragua after 10 years”

Brian McCaig (Wilfrid Laurier U)

Nina Pavcnik (Dartmouth College)



“Export markets and labor allocation in a poor country”

Christopher Ksoll (U of Ottawa)

Kim Lehrer (U de Sherbrooke)


“Learning from Peers: Experimental Evidence of Group Learning in Senior High School in Ghana.”

Garth Frazer (U of Toronto)



Imports, Import Sources and Skill Utilization”


State of the Art Lecture (room FSS 1006)

Sponsored by the Embassy of the United States


Professor Miguel Urquiola

Columbia University


“School reputation and educational market performance”


Lunch (FSS 4007) 


Parallel Sessions


Session 3: Enforcement Issues (FSS 4015)

Chair: Thomas Gall (U of Southampton)

Session 4: Labor (FSS 4004)

Chair: Alberto Chong (U of Ottawa)

Session 5: Environment and Health (FSS 4006)

Chair: Anthony Heyes (U of Ottawa)


David Martimort (PSE)

Aggey Semenov (U of Ottawa)

Lars Stole (Chicago Booth)


“A Theory of Contracts with Limited Enforcement”

Natalia Kyui (Bank of Canada)




Expansion of Higher Education, Employment and Wages: Evidence from the Russian Transition”

Ana Dammert (Carleton U)

Jose Galdo (Carleton U)

Virgilio Galdo (World Bank)


“Preventing Dengue through Mobile Phones: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Peru”


Jonathan Goyette (U de Sherbrooke)



“Imperfect enforcement of a tax threshold: the consequences on efficiency”

Francisco Galarza (Universidad del Pacifico)

Gustavo Yamada (U del Pacifico)


Triple penalty in employment access: the roles of beauty, race, and sex”

Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues (U of Toronto)



“Demand for Deforestation in the Amazon”


Coffee Break (FSS 4007)


Parallel Sessions


Session 6: Household Economics (FSS 4004)

Chair: Louis-Philippe Morin (U of Ottawa)

Session 7: Institutions (FSS 4006)

Chair: Louis Hotte (U of Ottawa)


Jean-Marie Baland (U of Namur)

Isabelle Bonjean (U of Namur)

Catherine Guirkinger (U of Namur)

Roberta Ziparo (U of Namur)


“The economic consequences of solidarity in extended families”

Ideen Ali Riahi (Simon Fraser U)


“Colonization and Genetics of Comparative Development”


Weina Zhou (Dalhousie U)


Brothers, Household Financial Market and China's Savings Rate

Alberto Chong (U of Ottawa)

Rafael La Porta ( Tuck Business School) 

Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes (EDHEC Business School)  

Andrei Shleifer (Harvard U)  

“Letter Grading Government Efficiency"


Keynote lecture (FSS 1006)


Professor James Robinson

Harvard University


“State Capacity and Economic Development”


Conference Dinner (FSS 4007)


Invited Talk by Gordon Betcherman (University of Ottawa)

“Jobs, Policy, and Economic Development”


Day 3

Sunday October 6, 2013

8:00 – 9:00

Breakfast (FSS 4007)

9:00 - 11:15





Parallel Sessions

Session 8: Rural and Urban (FSS 4004)

Chair: Kim Lehrer (U of Sherbrooke)

Session 9: Gender (FSS 4006)

Chair: José Galdo (Carleton U)

Marco Gonzalez-Navarro (U of Toronto)

Alain de Janvry (UC-Berkeley)

Kyle Emerick (UC-Berkeley)

Elisabeth Sadoulet (UC-Berkeley)


“Delinking land rights from land use: Impact of certification on migration and land use in rural Mexico”

Setou Diarra (U Laval)

John Cockburn (U Laval)

Sylvain Dessy (U Laval)



The Economics of Girl Marriage in Developing Countries”

Michael Clemens (Center for Global Development)


“Migration as household finance: How construction jobs in the Gulf affect Indian workers and their families”

Marc F. Bellemare (U of Minnesota)

Tara L. Steinmetz (UC-Davis)


“All in the Family: Explaining the Persistence of Female Genital Cutting in the Gambia”

Vernon Henderson (Brown U)

Mark Roberts (World Bank)

Adam Storeygard (Tufts U)


“Is Urbanization in Sub-Saharan Africa Different?”

Sofia Amaral (U of Birmingham)




“Do improved property rights decrease violence against women in India”


Coffee Break (FSS 4007)


Parallel Sessions


Session 10: Political Economy (FSS 4004)

Chair: Fernanda Estevan (U of Ottawa)

 Session 11: Trade (FSS 4006)

 Chair: Nasser Ary Tanimoune (U of Ottawa)


Marcel Fafchamps (Oxford U)

Julien Labonne (Oxford U)


“Do Politicians' Relatives Get Better Jobs? Evidence from Municipal Elections in the Philippines”

Fernando Leibovici (York U)



“Financial Development and International Trade”

Kate Vyborny (Oxford U)

Haseeb Ashraf (Lahore School of Economics)




“Patronage and Public Services: Evidence from Punjab, Pakistan”

Alessandro Barattieri (ESG-UQAM)

Ingo Borchert (U of Sussex)

Aaditya Mattoo (World Bank)



“The Determinants of Cross-Border M&A in Services: Geography, Policy, and Inter-Sectoral Linkages”