Crafted of the highest quality materials, the High-Low Chair (for children up to 45" in height) reflects the care and creativity invested in R.E.A.L. Design's products for children.  The High-Low Chair is not only a sturdy and comfortable seating system, it is also a colorful and cheerful addition to any environment.

    The  High-Low Chair utilizes a pneumatic cylinder so that seat height can be adjusted with single-lever ease.  The seat and it's frame detach easily from the pedestal base, converting the chair to a floor sitter.  The colorful support seat is padded and covered with a wipe-clean, polymer-coated fabric.  To hold the child comfortably in midline, the  High-Low Chair features a washable cotton lined quilted trunk support, shoulder straps, and a hip belt.  The unique segmented design of the seat back allows the trunk support and the shoulder straps to be placed at just the right position on the child.  With tilt-in-space adjustment, the chair can be used for educational and social activities as well as for mealtime.  The High-Low Chair also includes a durable melamine tray which remains securely in place with an exclusive quick-release locking lever.

 Key Benefits

  • The  High-Low Chair is a high chair which converts easily to a mobile floor sitter by detaching the upper frame from the pedestal base.    
  • The  High-Low Chair adjusts in height with the use of a single lever that activates a pneumatic cylinder. 
  • The mobile floor sitter frame is constructed of 1" powder coated tubular steel with locking casters.
  • The cushioned seat is covered with a water proof, easy to clean polymer coated fabric.
  • The  High-Low Chair can be ordered without the support seat and used with other seating systems such as feeder seats.
  • The durable melamine tray remains securely in place with a quick release locking lever.
  • The  High-Low Chair comes complete with H-strap harness, washable cotton quilted trunk support, removable abductor and tray.
  • An accessory head support and lateral supports are available.