SpeakText for Me


- Speak & Translate Web pages and Documents

Touch web pages and documents (Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, eBook, Text), copy & paste, key in, then it will speak and translate sentence by sentence.

A must have app to speak & translate web pages and documents, including newspapers and magazines.

SpeakText series Version 32.0 are ready to update from Apple App Store.

Ratings and Reviews

Amazing SpeakText for Me to learn foreign languages, particularly English! ★★★★★

by Silver_evs - University Professor & Coach (Madrid / Spain)

Reading books and/or watching TV series only enhances your PASSIVE English (Written & Oral Comprehension) which is not enough... _||_ Furthermore, you need to improve your Oral and Written Expression, through developing your ACTIVE English... which is not so easy! _||_ You know how difficult it is to find someone that makes you speak every day, when you are not living in an English speaking country. It’s almost impossible, unless you can afford paying a very expensive private teacher! _ The second obstacle is to find the time to do that… _||_ This amazing App, upgraded to the full version SpeakText for Me, combines the time I regularly spend exercising (…to keep fit) with its ability of asking me questions in English… making me think and speak… whereas my words are heard through my earphones and are recorded. _||_ There’re plenty of Questions in the Internet on the subjects you’re in: Questions for Job Interviews… or Questions about Startups… or Questions about Computers… etc. _||_ Choose the set of Questions you like most and let this App ask them to you… whereas you’re exercising (...bike riding, jogging or doing any other routine activity). _ It makes you think and speak, hands-free... Simply GREAT !!! _||_ Besides, this App through "Speak Alternatively" option, can also read, one by one, prepared sentences in your own language (...Spanish, in my own case) and ask you, after every sentence, to translate it into English... then, after receiving your translation, it provides you with the correct prepared answer, so that you learn from your mistakes... FANTASTIC !!! _||_ Not only can this APP ask you questions, but also it can be used to review English Patterns and Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, Vocabulary, etc… to improve your Oral & Written Expression. _||_ Thus, thanks to SpeakText for Me (...with high quality voices), you can improve your ACTIVE English... hands-free! ...among many other uses. AWESOME !!! _||_ As for the Customer Service, I have received an excellent support from Jack (BorG Technology Corp.): He has proven to be a Professional who can actually listen to the voice of Customers! _||_ Thanks, indeed, Jack! …and CONGRATULATIONS for this terrific v31 !!! Best regards.- SILVER_evs /University Professor & Coach (Madrid /Spain)

Love it ★★★★★

by Marek.D

I love this app; it became the big part of my life since I bought it two years ago. I use it mostly to listen to books from the Internet sites like Project Gutenberg that offer books in a text format. English is my second language and the 'SpeakText For Me' gives me the possibilities to listen to books, sentence by sentence, with a speed that is comfortable to me, the app translates all sentence to my native language, additionally I’m able to repeat all the difficult parts of the books as many times as needed to fully understand them. I spend with 'SpeakText For Me' one to two hours every day and, since I started using it, I have made very big improvements in my abilities to understand and speak English. I plan to use it for many more years, read hundreds more books and, at the same time, improve and perfect my English skills. I’m convinced that it is “must to have” app for everyone how tries to learn a new language.

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TranslateSafari 3 (Translate 3 for Safari)

- Translate & Speak Web

The app is a Safari extension that translates and speaks aloud the entire web page of Safari app.

A must have app to translate and speak aloud web pages of Safari.

TranslateSafari 3 Pro (Translate 3 Pro for Safari) and TranslateSafari 3 (Translate 3 for Safari) are available in the Apple App Store.

TranslateSafari 3 series Version 3.6 are ready to update from Apple App Store.

ReadToMe 2

- Text/Web/Doc-to-Speech

The apps integrate the system text-to-speech engine, speak aloud offline without internet connecting.

A must have app to read text, documents and web pages of Safari.

ReadToMe 2 Pro, ReadToMe 2 and ReadToMe 2 Lite are available in the Apple App Store.

ReadToMe 2 series Version 3.0 are ready to update from Apple App Store.

FilesOnTree - Tree File Explorer

- Tree File Explorer

Manage files in tree structure !

FilesOnTree is a file manager for iOS and it is similar to Windows Explorer.

You can carry over your Windows Explorer experience into iOS with FilesOnTree easily.

You can manage Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive cloud files (document, eBook, music, voice memo, photo, video, text note) in tree structure.