Tarot Scopes
July 2017

This month I used the Hanson Roberts Deck, published by US Games Systems, Inc.

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Each month I'll use a different deck to draw two cards and do a mini reading for each astrological sun sign. These are short, fun little readings I like to do for the frequent visitors to  the site. (Requested Readings are longer and more detailed). Tarot Readings make a great Birthday gift. Gift Certificates are available and can be emailed to you to print and give to someone you love to be redeemed in 2017.


Aries(Mar. 21–Apr. 19)
2 of swords/Page of cups,rx

You've still got a lot of thinking to do.  Your decision cannot be made, however while you have your eyes closed to the truth.  Your choices will not be clear and you will make them based on false pretenses if you do not try to remove the blockages which keep you from acknowledging the real issues and your part in them.  Whatever you thought was pure and innocent may not actually have been.  Take a step back, look at the situation with the fresh new eyes of a child, or at least the eyes of an  adult who is not so jaded.  Once you see what the real issues are, you will be free to make a more sound decision which might actually please all of those involved.


Taurus(Apr. 20–May 20)
4 of Pentacles/5 of Pentacles

You have a tendency to hold on tightly to your money.  This is rooted in your fear that you may be left with nothing one day as far as money is concerned.  However, there is another aspect to being left alone that needs to be considered. Being miserly without helping those less fortunate than you are can leave you spiritually depleted.  Make sure to take care of yourself,  but remember that kindness and compassion towards others often result in the same being bestowed upon you when the need arises.


Gemini(May 21–June 21)
Knight of Swords/Six of Rods

Swift action actually pays off in your situation this month.  Whatever you are thinking of doing, seize the moment without hesitation and you will achieve success and possibly even the admiration of those around you. Celebrate and enjoy.


 Cancer(June 22–July 22)
8 of Pentacles/Strength, rx

You've been working diligently to complete a task to perfection.  Take care that you aren't being too forceful with your plan in an attempt to get it just right.  What's needed at this time is quiet, contemplative, internal fortitude.  Don't push too hard if you want to see your work come about with positive results.


Leo(July 23–Aug. 22)
8 of cups/Wheel of Fortune, rx

You've made a decision to leave something behind and move on.  This was not an easy decision and you have weighed the pros and cons for quite some time.  This decision to leave is definitely going to bring about a change in your circumstances.  The Wheel has turned, your luck is changing. 


Virgo(Aug. 23–Sept. 22)
Knight of Cups/The Devil

You aren't accustomed to following your heart, but this is what you are doing this month.  You have put your analytical thinking to the side and your heart has taken over.  It may behoove you to not get swept up in your emotions and put a little more thought into your situation.  Put the breaks on and think things through so that you avoid being trapped in a situation you do not really want. Sometimes when we think with our hearts, we get caught up in a whirlwind of  events that seem to feel great on the surface, but they really aren't. Proceed with caution, use the logic that is so deeply ingrained in your being to make your choices.


Libra(Sept. 23–Oct. 23)
Justice/King of Swords

Finally the truth comes out and things are as they should be.  Someone has arrived to cut to the chase and expose the real issues.  The method in which they go about it may seem harsh, but it's necessary in order to move forward.  Things are brought to the light which have been hidden for quite some time.  The old saying that the truth hurts may apply here, but remember the truth also sets you free.


Scorpio(Oct. 24–Nov. 21)
Ace of Pentacles,rx/2 of PEntacles,rx

The plan you have in mind will experience a slight delay.  It appears that you need a little more time to sort out some of the finer points before moving forward.  Spend some time examining what your strengths and weaknesses are regarding this plan or situation. Once you are able to determine if you have the time, resources, and ability to see it through, then you will be able to make more progress. 


Sagittarius(Nov. 22–Dec. 21)
Page of Pentacles, The World

A message of hope is on it's way to you.  Look for everyday messages such as emails or texts, but also look for signs which may not be as obvious.  Something you have wanted for a long time is about to present itself, be sure you don't miss the opportunity.


Capricorn(Dec. 22–Jan. 19)
5 of Rods/Queen of Rods

There's been a lot of bickering or childish quarrels surrounding you lately.  You can be the one to put an end to it.  Stand your ground, stay true to yourself, lay down the law as to what you will and will not tolerate.  Someone has to be the adult here. Mutual respect goes a long way in these circumstances. People treat you the way you allow them to.


Aquarius(Jan. 20–Feb. 18)
The Sun,rx/2 of Rods,rx

Things are proving to be a little more difficult than you anticipated this month.  Perhaps your expectations were a lot higher than they should have been.  If you feel that your ideas aren't being received well, just know that you have cast them out into the universe and their time will come.  Shift your expectations into a more realistic outcome and everything will fall into place at just the right time.


Pisces(Feb. 19–Mar. 20)

The Hermit,rx/6 of Swords,rx

It's time to come out of  your hermit phase.  Get out and enjoy the weather and the summer activities all around you.  Things are calm at home, there is nothing to escape from or run towards.  Enjoy your life. Just be.


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