Why Swimmer Safety

PIcture of lifeguard rescue floatation tube
The beaches in Long Branch are a valuable and important asset. They offer recreation to local residents and families and a tourist destination for many who travel to enjoy the clean, scenic and protected beaches of New Jersey.
Being a beach community, Long Branch has long supported the beachfront area by maintaining the boardwalk and keeping the shore safe and secure for residents and vacationers alike.
Cornerstone to this effort has been maintaining a highly trained and qualified lifeguard staff, responsible for protecting beachgoers and ensuring swimmers are aided in the event of rough waters or inexperience with ever-changing tides common to the Jersey coastline. The local lifeguard staff, like any civic organization managing on a limited budget, can benefit from additional resources and contributions. To this end, a One Mile Ocean Swim and Walk-Along are being organized in cooperation with the Long Branch Department of Recreation to raise money for the Long Branch Lifeguards to ensure they can continue to carry out their important work keeping the beaches of Long Branch safe and secure.