Dr. Raúl MAZO

Maître de conférences / PhD - Associate Professor

raul.mazo <at> univ-paris1.fr

Research focus

My areas of research are software engineering and systems engineeringIn particular, my research focuses on 
(1) requirements engineering for component-based software development; 
(2) model-based development of (dynamic) software-product lines
(3) engineering variability-based systemsand
(4) engineering context-based and smart systems; 


English, Français, Español


2014: Best Paper Award - Jornadas de Ingeniería de Sistemas Informáticos y de Computación (JISIC)
  Using Software Product Line to improve ERP Engineering: literature review and analysis

2013: Best Paper Award - International conference on Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M)
  Capturing Variability in Model-based Systems Engineering Process.

2013: 70 years of the Engineering Faculty award, for outstanding graduate of the Computer and Systems Engineering     
          Program of the University of Antioquia

2011: Best Paper Award - 35th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC 2011), 
          Munich-Germany, 18-22 July 2011.

          Conformance Checking with Constraint Logic Programming: The Case of Feature Models.

2011: Best Paper Award - 5th IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS 2011)

          Constraints: the Core of Product Line Engineering.

2008: Order of merit of Carolina del Principe as Distinguished Citizen

2005: Award to the best graduated student of the University of Antioquia's Engineering Faculty 

1999: Award to the best graduated student of the secondary school "Presbítero Julio Tamayo"