Welcome to the RASC Sarnia webpage.   Here you will find info about our club and events.

The Sarnia Centre of the R.A.S.C. is a 

non-profit affiliate of The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.  We are a group of amateur  astronomers who share  our enjoyment of  astronomy.  

We encourage everyone to look at the night sky.  Binoculars or a telescope help, but are not necessary.  The stars, planets and galaxies are a wonder to behold.

Next Meeting - Thursday February 5th

Shelley will present "Comet Chasing - the Visual Observation of Telescopic, Binocular and Naked Eye Comets" followed by an outdoor search for comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy.
Please bring binoculars or an easy to set up scope for the search (weather permitting). This comet is still fairly bright and should be an easy target even from light polluted skies. 
If you wish to have a copy of the presentation, please bring a USB key to load the presentation.  
Handouts of How to add a comet to Stellarium as well as a list of Websites will also be available.