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 In September of 2009, Shirley Martin and Donna Anderson called a general public meeting to discuss the future, and possible demise, of the museum housed in the old Rapid City School in Rapid City, MB.  

There was no longer an active board of directors and as such, brave and steadfast volunteers were asked to form a board which could then go on to  decide whether the museum needed to be dismantled and the artifacts given new homes, or if it could be saved. The new board choose the later.

It quickly became apparent that the museum was in peril due to the condition of the building housing it. The building had not been heated for years and the constant freeze / thaw cycles endemic to our climate along with a poorly maintained roof had allowed for moisture to damage the museum collections. Mold and mildew continues to be a problem we are diligently working to  eliminate.

We have removed the vast majority of the museum collection displayed on the top floor to other locations to minimize continued damage.  We have sent many items to be cleaned and stored in safer environments. We have begun the process of properly cataloging the various items in our collections for easier access  in the future. 

The decision to keep the museum housed in the school structure means that the board now has two separate and unique tasks. The refurbishing of a century old building and the  work involved with saving and maintaining the museum with in it.  Though daunting, we believe the challenges can be over come. We have a good group of people on the board as well as great support from the community. All indications are that there is wide spread support for our efforts.

We are exploring the many grants that are available and are striving to position our project appropriately to take advantage of as many as possible.

The road ahead is no doubt going to be rife with bumps and detours but in the end, when we reach our goal, we will have a building, and preserved piece of history, to be proud of.

L. DeSchutter

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