about me

Professor Randi Hjalmarsson

University of Gothenburg

Welcome to my personal webpage. I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Gothenburg. I am a labor economist, and have conducted extensive research on the economics of crime and the criminal justice system.

My current research emphasizes:

(i) the determinants of crime, e.g.education, military, family, neighborhood and peers,

(ii) the impact of jury composition on verdicts and the dynamics of jury decision making,

(iii) racial biases in the criminal justice system,

(iv) the economics of crime in a historical context, and

(v) the effects of prison.

I am currently funded by the Swedish Research Council's Distinguished Young Researchers Program. I am a CEPR Research Fellow, a Council Member for the European Society of Population Economics (ESPE), Executive Committee Member of the European Association of Labour Economics (EALE), and a member of Scientific Board of Swedish Prison and Probation Services, (KriminalvĂĄrden). I became a Co-Editor at the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization in January 2020 and serve on the Board of Editors for American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. I am also the EEA representative and Chair of the European Job Market for Economists (EJME) Committee.

I received my PhD in economics from Yale University in 2005. I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland, School of Public Policy from 2005 to 2009, and a Lecturer and Professor at Queen Mary University of London from 2010-2013.

Links: University of Gothenburg webpage, google scholar page.