Fort Lee Winter Festival, Fort Lee Library December 2017 Best Oil "Pennsylvania RR Station NYC 1910"

Community Center Art Show September 24, 2017 Best Oil “Broadway and 33rd NYC ”

Cliff Side Park Library, March 2017 Best Oil “Grand Central Station 1902"

Hackensack art show Performing Art Center February 2018 Second Place Watercolor “Constitution & Guerriere"

Ridgewood Art Institute Regional Open Juried Show January 20, 2018 Ulrich Award "Young America" watercolor

Fort Lee Library Show December 1, 2015, Best Watercolor Constitution &


Fort Lee Community Center September 27, 2015 Best Oil Constitution & Guerriere"

Van saun Park October 12, 2013 2 prize Watercolor Clipper ship "Young America"

Art at the Community Center September 29, 2013 Fort Lee Best oil "Columbus circle 1907"

Art & Music Festival June 2, 2013 Fort Lee Best in the Show "Ariel & Taeping Racing Home"

St John the Baptist Church art show, May 17-18, 2013 Best in the Show "Young America"

Hackensack cultural center Art show April 27-28 Best in the show "young America" W/C

Ridgewood Art Institute January 2013 C. Eugene Haldeman Memorial Award "Stag Hound"

Fort Lee Art in the Park September 22, 2012 Best Oil " Motif # 1 Rock Port"

Winter Festival Fort Lee Library December 2012 Best Watercolor "Cape Cod Window Box"

Fort Lee Art and Music Festival June 3 , 2012 Best Historical Painting "Stag Hound"

Fort Lee, Public Library December 2011 Best oil "Another Broadside" Constitution & Java

Paskack Art Association's Annual "Art in the Park" Exhibit' Hillsdale, NJ.

High Achievement Award for "Another Broadside" Constitution and Java

Hackensack Cultural Center APRIL 29,30, 2011 Best in the show "USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere" third place in Watercolor "Sconset 1900"

Fort Lee Art and Music Festival June 5, 2011 Best Historic Painting "Palisades Amusement Park 1908"

Art in the Park Hillsdale, June 18, 2011 High Achievement Award "USS Constitution and HMS Java"

Fort Lee Art in the Park October 12, 2010 Best Watercolor "USS Constellation and French Frigate l'insurgent"

Fort Lee Art and Music Festival June 4, 2010 Best Historic Painting "Fort Lee main and Hudson Street 1904"

Fort Lee Art and Music Festival June 3, 2009 Best Historic Painting "Fort Lee Colombia and Abbott Blvd"

Art in the Park Clifton June 4, 2009 First Prize for "Constitution and Guerriere"

Winter Festival Fort Lee Library December 1, to 30, 2009 First Place Oils "USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere"

Fort Lee Art in Park September 12, 2009 Best oils "Spring Lake Bridge 1902"

Winter Festival Fort Lee Library December 1 to 30, 2006 Best in the Show “Newark Military Park 1901"