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Historic train station Prints of New Jersey & New York

Early 20th Century Paintings NJ and NY

Art Of Mary and Barry

These rendering of old railroad stations, and towns, boardwalks bring them

to life as they were in their by-gone glory days.

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MY Statement

“My subject matter is Nostalgic Historic New Jersey, I bring back the memories of good old days. Traditional paintings of old Railroad Station, Towns, Boardwalks, and Amusement Parks. In my paintings I capture life as It was at the early 20th century. My Seascape, Sailing Ships that glide across the oceans. I use traditional materials, watercolors on paper, and oils on canvas, My brush stokes move gently across the paper, or canvas. Everything is captured in the spontaneous strokes and movement of the brush.”

Grand Central Station 1913

NYC Grand Central Terminal 1901

91st Grand National Exhibition

"Scooter playing in the yard"

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Home Portraits

Palisades Amusement Park 50s

Dedicated to the memory of my Beloved Mary

Mary Kingston was a third-grade student when, after winning a poster contest, she discovered her love of art. “That’s when I knew I liked art work and I have pursued it ever since. Mary Kingston,“ she said. She studied art under the famous John Pike at the art colony in Woodstock‚ N.Y. and under Ferdinand Petrie in Rockport, Mass. For many years, Mary Kingston worked as a commercial artist and in the advertising field, but eventually dedicated more time to watercolor. “Watercolor is the most difficult medium to master. When put on paper it has to be right the first time‚“ Kingston said. “Watercolor is a one-shot expression. It took years of perseverance‚ but I feel I have finally captured the splendor of it.“ Mary Kingston: born 1936‚ died 2005

About Barry

I‚ wasa native of Massachusetts‚ received my art training at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and studied life drawing at the Don La Cedra Copley Society. I works primarily in pastels and oils. His work is part of the permanent collection of the Village Ridgewood NJ, Easton Historic Society in Easton‚ Mass. and many private collections in the the United States and around the world.

Working in a wide range of media‚ I sketches on location or paints in My Fort Lee, N.J. studio. My favorite subjects are animals, sailing ships and railroad trains. His rendering of old railroad depots brings them to life as they were in their by-gone glory days. I achieves incredible historical accuracy of these New Jersey, and New York settings by using vintage photos and postcards as reference. I also creates Pet portraits and portraits of home exteriors in pen and ink or oil, and watercolor.

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Pet Portraits, and Home Portraits artist Barry Shiff helps you to create the perfect gift to yourself, or for a love one’s housewarming Special birthday, Anniv ersary. His vibrant house painting will grace the walls of your home, an heirloom to enjoy for generations.

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