Basic Radiation Safety -Industrial Radiographer Training

This 40-hour class is intended to meet State and Federal regulatory requirements for initial training to practice radiography with radioactive materials. An examination will be given at the end of the course. This 40 Hour Basic Radiation Safety Class is held in 4 ten hour days. When you complete the class you will be considered a trainee by the State of TX and all NRC and agreement states.

Individuals need to bring pen, paper and a calculator to class.

Cost of the class is $650.00

RSO Training -Radiation Safety Officer Course

This course is designed to meet the criteria for approval as an RSO (Radiation Safety Officer). The class is designed to assist individuals understand the everyday duties of the RSO. Individuals need to bring a copy of their Company License or Registration,

Company O & E Manual and all the associated forms.

Cost of this class is $650.00

Source Retrieval Course

This course is designed to help individuals prepare for radiation emergencies and incidents that may occur in the workplace. Individuals will learn how to use equipment associated with source retrieval as well as learn how to take safety precautions while taking care of the emergency.

Cost of this class is $650.00

State Test Refresher

This course is designed to help individuals prepare for the state exam. Individuals will review the math formulas as well as the state of TX regulations.

Cost of this class is $100.00

Annual Refresher

This is offered for companies to meet the regulatory requirement for annual training. This course offers an overview of problems in the industry as well as upcoming changes. The class offers the individual's in-sight into what other companies and individuals are dealing with as well as their own company.

(Cost to be determined by amount of students)

Increased Control Training

This course is designed to give individual's an overview of the Increased Control Order and the requirements outlined within. This course will cover security awareness when transporting and working with or storing the device.

Cost is $75.00

Hazardous Material Training

This course is designed to give individuals an overview of the D.O.T. requirements as well as the requirements of the various state and federal agencies for transporting radioactive material.

Cost is $75.00