Quilting Classes

Basic Machine Quilting  

Tues., Feb. 11 at 9:30


  1600 inch jelly roll quilt  

       Fri., Feb. 17 at 9:30

 Dresden Plate table runner       Wed., Feb. 22 at 9:30


Picnic tablecloth 

 Fri., Feb. 24 at 9:30

 T-shirt quilt (demo only)  

Sat., March 11 at 9:30   OR  

 Fri., March 24 at 1:00


  Gabby quilts  

Tues., March 21 at 9:30

Let’s Do Lunch bag  

Wed., March 29 at 9:30


  Twister Log Cabin quilt  

Tues., April 4, 11 at 9:30


Twister bag  Sat., April 8 at 9:30

Sewing classes

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Iron board organizer    Sat., Feb. 11 at 1:00

This is a fun organizer for arm chair or ironing board.  Comes with pin cushion.

10 minute table runner   Mon., Feb. 20

Fold n Stitch Wreath 

Feb. Sat. 25 at 1:00   OR   Thurs., April 6 at 9:30



Fused Log cabin table runner  

Tues., March 7 at 9:30

If you want to learn how to do quilting without the sewing, come in and learn how to fuse a log cabin together.


Coloring Block  Wed., April 19 at 10:00

This is a fun coloring project.  Pam will teach you how to prepare the fabric and then color it for beautiful blocks to add to any project.  


Unfinished objects

If you have any unfinished objects and would like help or just want to sew, we have a few dates set aside.  We open at 9:00 and close at 5:00, you are welcome to come anytime during the day.


Sat., March 25  OR  Sat., April 22


Hot dog pillowcase   Wed., March 8 at 1:00


  Fat Quarter pop up  Fri., March 10 at 9:30


Cash n Carry  Thurs., March 23 at 9:30

Iron Caddy Pad    

Thurs., April 13 at 9:30   OR   Sat., April 29 at 9:30


Kids Classes

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4-H classes

Ages 8 and up


Quilts N Creations opens up their classroom once a month for 4h sewing classes.  If you are interested please call 970-522-0146 or the extension office at 970-522-3200 to register.  These classes are free.


More kids classes are offered in the summer!

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