Currently accepting work. I figure turnaround to be approx 1 - 2 weeks. First come first served.
New - now offering fully custom aftermarket cast bolts. These "Que Bolts" have all aftermarket parts and powder coated.




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If you are wanting a great looking jeweled or

powder coated bolt. If you are wanting the

headspace adjusted  for a better shooting rifle. If you

are wanting the factory extractor to be more reliable

and the radius of the bolt slightly reworked for a

smoother operation along with the firing pin profiled

and crosspinned for a more consistant and reliable

ignition of your ammo.....

well you've come to the right spot.

Contact me about modifying, customizing your bolt.


Prices  (includes insured return postage)


10/22 LR & Marlin 60 Style Bolts

$35 for a rework

$50 for a rework and powder coating

$55 for a rework and jeweling

"Que Bolt"

New cast bolts, all custom aftermarket made to include fp and extractor. Headspace no greater than .042". Pick your color of powder coating. All for $65 to include postage to you.

Link to colors available: Bolt Offerings

If you have a color not shown let me know as I don't mind expanding the available colors I keep. 

$30 for a rework of your Rem 597 bolt

$45 for a rework of your Rem 597 bolt and powder coat


Volquartsen Exact Edge Extractor option add

 $10 for the 10/22 and $15 for the Rem 597


10/22 rework consists of headspace, firing pin profile and crosspinned, rear radius, handle notch taper cut and

extractor modified

Marlin rework is headspace and all contact surfaces

smoothed and polished, hammer area gets greater radius

and polish

Rem 597 rework is headspace and guiderail contact areas, hammer area gets greater radius and polish

Contact me about other jeweling and bolt work.

Price includes return postage and insurance.


Contact me for a work order form. Once I receive your parts along with the form I will keep you updated as to the status via email.
formation, please email me.
For Custom Barrel Work please go to  Que Barrel Work
I also do other custom machining work. Feel free to contact me about a thought or idea you are trying to get made.
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            Marlin Bolt Reworked & Jeweled

Thank you all & God Bless


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