Focus on Writing

Best Practices

What are research based best practices for teaching writing?

An important article on mindset and motivation.


Research on the 5 Paragraph Essay

National Writing Project has a collection of essays and technical reports about the essay, including an article by Mary Ann Smith called "Are You Ready for College Writing?"

Check out this blog called Writing: Unteachable or Mistaught

On Pinterest, you'll find lots of resources about the FPE.


Writer's Notebook:

Curious about ways to get reluctant writers to write?


Writing Outside of School

Got to Watch! — Want to hear about writing in the big picture with perseverance, struggle, and failure? This is it -- and, dang, is it inspiring.

Teach Thought: 21st Literacy and Writing in ALL Disciplnes — The writer argues quite passionately that 21st literacy requires students to write in ALL disciplines and urges teachers to rethink Vines, graphic organizers, and exit slips.

Tips for Writers and Teachers of Writing — I've been curating articles and videos about writing from writers for awhile. On my ScoopIt site, you'll find those resources.