Physics Videos

The Quantum Boffin site was conceived as a way of swapping practical ideas and providing a series of videos that allow teachers to show demonstrations which, for whatever reason, they are unable to do themselves. Personally, I find the commentary (and/or music) that accompanies many videos extremely irritating and so when I put together my own videos I deliberately set out, where ever possible, to have no commentary - the commentary is the job of the teacher, not me: I'm merely providing the experiment. Remember: It is the experiment that is important, not the person doing it.

Interestingly, in this age of rich multimedia where pupils are constantly surrounded by things competing for their attention, I have found that pupils are no longer as fascinated with demonstrations as they were, say, just ten years ago. When I put on a video of a demonstration, on the other hand, pupil focus seems to improve significantly, even if it's a video of me doing something in the very classroom I'm teaching within. I am not advocating for an instant that we should stop doing demonstrations, but it's an interesting thing to think about.

All of the videos published on this site are available on YouTube, where you can subscribe to my videos so that you get alerts whenever new videos become available. The link to the site is: