Our minister, Rev Grant Atkins
A Message from Grant...
I am deeply passionate about my call to share the Good News of Jesus with as many people as I can. I know that life is a big challenge and we can easily be overwhelmed by the pressures that surround us. Am I a good enough mother/father, daughter/son, husband/wife, student, worker or human being? Do I measure up to what the rest of the world expects? I personally know what it is like to ask these questions seeking a comforting answer. Whilst a teenager I went searching to be free from these burdens and I found this freedom in Jesus. I discovered that before I gave him the time of day, before I even turned in his direction Christ lived, died and rose again to bring me true freedom. God’s love is unconditional, unbiased and constant. He accepts me just the way I am and gives me true freedom. Freedom to succeed and to fail, freedom to question and to gain answers. He sits with me in my dark times and dances with me in my celebrations. This is a gift of love available to absolutely everybody and my call is to present this message in a creative, alive, down to earth manner that promises to not be boring.

Come along and say g’day at Quakers Hill Uniting, we’d love to meet you.
God Bless, Rev Grant