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    What we do

1. We develop theoretical and computational capabilities to study the physics of:  a)generation, b) propagation and c) interactions of novel light sources in photonic structures and quantum systems.

2. We also have a powerful Femtosecond Laser to study laser-plasma interactions, manipulate and engineer materials and surfaces

Results from our femtosecond laser  (QLS lab)

Industrial Applications of Femtosecond Laser

      1) To develop state-of-the art research in quantum optics, optical materials and advanced laser science.
      2) To synergize theoretical, experimental research results with industrial applications.

      Pioneers behind the Theoretical Pillars
    Tribute to The Pioneers

    Some remarkable effects/applications of quantum & laser sciences:

    • Control optical properties of objects using lasers
    • Slowing of light signal down to few meters per second
    • Atomic clock (ultraprecise) for time/frequency standard
    • Nonclassical light for interferometry(gravitational wave detector)
    • Entanglement for quantum computing and communication.
    • Laser spectroscopy for detection of molecular species.
    • Control of atomic/molecular processes with laser pulses.

    What we do

    We develop theoretical and computational capabilities to study the physics in:
    a) generation, b) propagation and c) interactions of novel light sources in photonic structures and quantum systems.

    The research topics involve multidisciplinary fields
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