Welcome Queer Readers 2020!

The show must go on!
Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday 15th June 2020, either in person at the New Farm Library meeting room if restrictions have lifted, or via Zoom if they have not!

The theme is for June is:  
The books from the reading list are:

·         ‘The Angel of History’
by Rabih Alameddine

·         ‘A Sinner in Mecca: a gay Muslim's hajj of defiance’ by Parvez Sharma

·         '‘Out of Egypt: a memoir’ by Andre Acimen

From Saturday 16th May all BCC Libraries are reopening with a 10-person limit due to State Government regulations. However,
Council’s Online Library services remain available 24/7 for users - those without an existing membership can apply online for a temporary digital membership to access the digital collection via Council's online library catelogue (eLibCat) 

Those on the regular Queer Readers email list will receive a meeting invite if we proceed via Zoom. Others who want to participate can register their interest or send any thoughts on the books via the email below.

Until then, stay healthy and happy reading!

 For further information please contact:

Bonnie - qreaders@gmail.com


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NEW: The 2020 reading list is now available in the 'What We Read' section of the website.