SureStop Water Switch

Turn off water at the flick of a switch

We believe that this is a "Must Have" when fitting a new kitchen or bathroom.

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It is a desirable addition to any home as you can see from this Extract from Which? Magazine & Which? Online June 2003

Switch off your water with ease

Ever had a plumbing emergency and had to switch off your mains water supply in a hurry? If so, you’ll know that scrabbling about under the sink looking for the mains stopcock can be a real pain. And even when you find it, it might be jammed though infrequent use. This can be particularly difficult if you have restricted movement or are disabled.

A new product, the SureStop Remote Water Switch makes turning your mains water supply on and off as simple as flicking a switch, It works entirely off water pressure, so no electricity is involved.

Fitting it is fairly straightforward and involves cutting a section from your mains supply pipe (after the water has been shut off) and connecting the valve with push-fit couplings. A length of tubing then links the valve to an on/off switch suitably positioned where you can get to it easily in an emergency – a maximum of 4m from the valve (or 8m with extension). The tubing can run along the surface of the wall or be buried in a channel dug into it and then plastered over – the latter will look neater but will obviously involve far more work when fitting it.

Once installed, the SureStop Water Remote Switch is very easy to use – you simply flick the switch and the mains supply is cut off. We tried it out with a variety of mains water pressures and found it worked well over the range of pressures typically found in the UK.

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