The Project

I am working on a 2D, tile-based adventure game called qojat the game. Sort of roguelike, but with focus on the exploration of procedural labyrinths.

I am aiming at covering all platforms, starting with Windows, Android and WebGL.

The Idea

Explore procedural mazes, increasingly large and complex as you go into the deeper levels, searching for a magical amulet (what else?).

I would like to focus more on traps and puzzles than on combat and stats. Ideally, each room should pose a little challenge for your mind, and you need to solve them as you explore, collecting keys, opening doors and going down stairs.

The Progress

Right now I am working alone, on my spare time, and I have a “playable” demo (even though it is not much fun yet). The game has a main menu (with language selection and credits screens), and you can navigate the rooms by clicking or touching (automatic path finding). There are a very limited number of different rooms and obstacles, because so far I have focused on having a solid program architecture that will support all the features I have in mind.

Art has been taken from (and credit given to), plus some additions of my own, which you can tell apart because they are hideous.

What I am Looking For

    • A graphic artist, who can do old-fashioned pixel art on 16x16 pixel tiles (like these or these, for example). Ideally, I would request some specific tiles and you would provide them when possible. Of course, if you are interested, we can discuss other aspects of the game.

    • A sound effects artist, who can provide fx for the game (At this point I am afraid this part is not very defined besides "medieval", "classic" and maybe "8-bit")

    • A musician, who can deliver moody ambiance music loops.

What I offer

I am an old time programmer. I used to make videogames as a profession but now I work on something else.

I know my way around code, I don't like wasting other people's time (since I have so precious little spare time of my own) and I will try to take this project to completion with all seriousness.

We can make this game together, our name will be in the credits, and this project will go into our portfolios. This is the main goal.

The idea is to make this a free game. Depending on its success, we can think about monetization, or maybe make a Kickstarter.


Mail me at or follow @qojatgame on Twitter or Facebook… whatever suits you best!