QLC volunteers conduct bi-weekly water testing during summer months, including testing of water for fecal contamination from shoreline septic systems


CSLAP & Shoreline Survey

Our water sampling and shoreline survey activities are proceeding this summer without interruption, hooray! Thanks to Board member Craig Warn for being our fearless leader! While the dream team of Craig W, Craig S, and Bridget have the water sampling covered, we are in dire need of volunteers to help with the shoreline survey. And anyone can help! Full members, associate members, non-members! This entails a gentle kayak or canoe ride around the edge of the lake on the lookout for unusual growths or blooms. And we have brand new laminated, illustrated training materials for you! If you’d like to help, please contact Craig at qlcshoreline@gmail.com.

Recent annual CSLAP reports are below. All reports can be accessed from the NYSFOLA website

Citizen Scientists keeping our lake clean & healthy

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