Her Works

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Select Works:

<Air-ergy> (2011)

Interactive Installation

<Madam Zhang's Dream> (2009)

for animation and orchestra

<Mo and Wu> (2007)

for Double dance, Guqin, interactive videos and electronic music

<Yu·Tian Cong He> (2006)

for voice, Pipa and live electronic (award Honorary Mentions in 2008 Prix Ars Electronica Digital Music Category)

<Pange> (2004-2005)

for choir (award First Prize in “2006 Tsang-Houei Hsu International Music Composition Competition” Vocal Category)

<Zhenru II> (2000)

for pipa solo (award Third Prize of Composition Competition in 2004 “Chinese Music Jin Zhong Award”)

Qin Yi, Composer, Associate Professor in department of Music Engineering of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, master tutor, director of music design and production division of Music Engineering Department, council member of Shanghai Computer Music Association, reviewer of International Computer Music Association.

She focuses on the integration of art and technology, tradition and modernity, and multiple artistic elements. Her recent honors include First Prize in 2006 Tsang-Houei Hsu International Music Composition Competition; Honorary Mentions in 2008 Prix Ars Electronica Digital Music Category; the First Prize of Composition Competition in “Chinese Music Jin Zhong Award” and etc. She was awarded the title of Chenguang Scholar of Shanghai Education Commission and the Outstanding Literary Talent Award of Shanghai Literature and Art Talent Fund.

She is also conducting continuous research in the intersection of “Music-Mind-Brain-Education”. Since 2006, Qin Yi has hosted one of the National Education Commission's Huo Yingdong Fund Project, one National Art Foundation Project, and two Shanghai Education Commission projects. The key projects of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission have been awarded the first prize of science and technology progress of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television. She was granted one national patent, and published more than 10 academic papers.

Her works range from cross-media theater works, AR/VR media works, sound installations, electronic music works, as well as traditional works such as bands, chorals, chamber music, and solo.

Her music, described as “ it was hard not to be entranced” by the New York Times, has been featured at a wide variety of international festivals such as International Gaudeamus Music Week (Amsterdam), Ars Electronica FESTIVAL (Linz), Coil Festival (New York), Hong Kong Arts Festival, MATA Festival (New York), Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts (Singapore), Melbourne Festival, Chinese Composers’ Festival, Shanghai International Festival of Arts, Shanghai International Music Festival, Shanghai eARTS festival, Beijing Modern International Music Festival and etc.