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0.2 Configuration

The pc.config object
There is an object called pc.config and created when pyCloudy is imported. It is used to define some variables that will be known from anywhere in pyCloudy.

Where is Cloudy?

The pc.config object allows you for example to tell pyCloudy where the executable of Cloudy is. The default value is "cloudy.exe", it supposes that the executable lives in a directory that is in your path.
You can also define an environment variable containing this location, for example in the .tcshrc:
setenv CLOUDY_EXE /home/morisset/c17.00/source/cloudy.exe

If it's not the case or if you want to overwrite it, you need to define this location by hand using for example:
pc.config.cloudy_exe = '/home/morisset/c17.00/source/cloudy.exe'
This must be done at the beginning of any python code after importing pyCloudy.