With strong ties to the Williston community, as Williston High School and Trenton High School alumni, we want the best for our families and neighbors. We believe caring for people is the heart of our community. It is our goal to improve the quality of life for families in western North Dakota and eastern Montana.

In our early years in the Williston area, we developed courage and work ethic that later made possible a variety of personal and educational opportunities. Through these experiences we built strong relationships and addressed the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Our professional observations shed light on an emerging concern: people today are more connected than ever; however, are simultaneously disengaged with each other in real life. Research suggests the increased use of technology and social media has led to a decrease in overall life satisfaction. Skills such as verbal communication and making friends now induce anxiety. Interpersonal skills are not just nice to have – they are imperative. Poor communication skills, a lack of connectivity, low self-esteem, and ineffective coping skills are just a few of the risk factors for substance abuse.

We have individually championed efforts to build strong communities and generated responsive curricula and treatment plans. Our most recent positions expanded our knowledge and understanding of the educational landscape, specifically the expanding and evolving learning gaps. These learning gaps, coupled with our different professional backgrounds and expertise ignited our passion for innovative learning and led to the birth of Purpose Driven Interventions (PDI).

PDI builds proactive individualized plans to promote protective factors such as community involvement, quality relationships, positive coping skills, academic achievement, positive social development, and substance abuse education. Some circumstances are out of our control; however, we can control what we learn. We believe in the power of education to teach perseverance, cultural understandings, cooperation, and collaboration.

Leah Hoffman, MA, LAC

After graduating from Minot State University, I returned to Williston to pursue my addiction counseling career facilitating Intensive Outpatient treatment at Northwest Human Service Center. After four years I transitioned to Williston State College as the Mental Health Counselor to establish on campus counseling services. I am currently in the last phase of my Ph.D. in Health Sciences at the University of South Dakota with an anticipated graduation date of May 2020. I live in Williston with my husband Brandon, a fourth-generation farmer and volunteer firefighter, and our two sons.


Katie Hoffman, Ed.M.

After graduating from Minnesota State University Moorhead, I began my career at Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas as a 6th grade teacher. After two years I moved to Denver, Colorado. I taught 4th grade for Denver Public Schools for four years before heading overseas to teach in Moscow, Russia. Over three years, I traveled to many countries before attending Harvard Graduate School of Education to earn a master’s degree in Education Policy and Management. After graduating, I decided to take a position at Williston State College to be closer to family. I spent 5 months developing the Accessibility and Retention Specialist position before a promotion to the Registrar and Research Analyst. I am currently teaching Family and Consumer Sciences at Williston High School.