Privacy Policy

As we allow you to get your account and sign in to Pun Blocked Games School, we gather your information. This Privacy Policy includes all the necessary details that you need to agree with once you use our website.

In return, described here also are the information on how we will use the data we gathered from you.

Information that We May Collect

  • Personal Details: This will include the basic information about you, which include your complete name and email address. Your phone number may be necessary, too. This is creating your profile in our database.

  • Technical Data: In order to identify the location of our gamers, we may ask your IP address and the operating system of your device.

  • Survey Information: We are aiming to improve more our performance, that is why we conduct surveys and we are requesting your full support on this matter.

  • Cookies: We are asking you to allow our website to store some cookies on your device so we can easily add more features in your use of our services.

  • Social Networking Sites: In signing up on our website, we may allow you to use your social network account as login details. This is to expedite the process and at the same time, may ask your cooperation in building more traffic to our website.

  • Mobile Information: If you happen to use our website on your mobile phone, your browser may send us information about your IP address and location.

Internet Privacy and Security Policy

  • Secure data: To maintain integrity in our services, we provide virus protection to your system and device. The data you will get from us will be protected by firewalls. This is to ensure a high level of data security.

  • Limit access:  We make sure that there is a limited access given to our employees, to make sure that the information you provided to us will be safe from the public.

  • Opt-in: We will not force you to provide personal information when not necessary to complete your records. We give you different options. For example, we will hide your full name by allowing you to use a gamer name.

  • Double check: If there are subscriptions that we may promote on our site, we could ask your email address and wait for your final confirmation before we will add you to our subscribers’ list.

  • Permission: We give you options for allowing us to access your data.

  • Customer access:  We will let you enjoy the freedom of changing your data in our database. This is to heighten security on your part.

  • Local data: As what was mentioned, cookies will be installed so we could add more features to your browser as you enjoy our online games.

  • Enforce: We will let you abide by our Privacy Policy and in return, we will make sure to abide also with it.

  • Children: Our website is for all ages and we make sure to post only games that are child friendly enough. We will let the parents get an account for their children so that no personal data of a child will be listed in our database.

  • Change: In any event that our Privacy Policy will be enhanced to fit into the security concerns of our clients, we make sure to notify everyone. We are open to changes just to be certain that the gamers enjoying our website are feeling safe and secure to stay and play with us.

For any concerns regarding our statements written here, contact us to forward your concerns.