Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club

Member Benefits


Monthly Meeting: Themonthly meeting consists of club business, news, raffles, and voting for finds of the month. Prizes are awarded for six different categories of monthly finds (US Coin, Jewelry, Foreign Coin, Token, Open, Monthly Hunt). Guests are always welcome.

Club Newsletter: The club newsletter is published monthly and mailed or e-mailed to all club members. It contains a President's page, minutes of the last meeting, member treasure stories, and information about up-coming events. 

Monthly Hunt: The club sponsors a monthly hunt the weekend following the club meeting. It is usually held at one of the local area parks. Many prizes are awarded.

Shield Hunt: The Shield is a small metal shaped orb with the club’s name on it that is buried in a prominent location by the last club member that found it. The member gives clues to its hidden location at each monthly meeting until the shield is located. The prize is a Morgan silver dollar.

Annual Hunt: The Lenny Phay Memorial Hunt is held annually, in August, to honor Mr. Lenny Phay, one of the founding PSTHC members. Guests from other treasure clubs attend to participate in the four major hunts that are scheduled throughout the day. A potluck/barbecue is held during the hunt.  

Annual Picnic: The annual pot-luck picnic/treasure hunt is for PSTHC members and guests and is usually held in June. Raffles are also held. This is a fun-filled day of detecting and camaraderie.

Mini Prize Hunts: The club sponsors a Mini Prize Hunt several times a year. Hunts are conducted during the day and/or night. Prizes can consist of gold and silver coins, jewelry, US money and other prizes. A potluck precedes the hunt and several raffles follow. Visitors are welcome.

Scavenger Hunt: A new scavenger hunt is conducted several times a year. Items found on a 50-100 item list are given tickets where prizes can be won.