Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

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my daughter, a wonderful bicyclist

Iris, a tired and retired bicyclist

Road bike Tour to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

The idea to this tour came to escape the freezing weather conditions here in Austria.

Primarily we intended to fly to Cuba. But an Austrian Airline made a point: They assure transport of bicycles only to Toronto. The connection flight, operated by air Canada we have been unable to book our bicycles. "You have to contact Canadian Airlines", was the quick reply of the Airline help desk. Funny: Canadian Airlines you may not reach in Austria or Germany...

We simply gave up, canceled the flight to Cuba and found a new destination in the Caribbean Islands.

The difference to Cuba, upon other travelers is, that the territory of Puerto Rico is under US government. What means more developed, and rather good infrastructure in terms of food and accommodation. Whilst some people complain about the poorness at Cuba. There is definitely a lack of public transportation. Except the capital city of San Juan, there is no train system. Long distance buses, we have not found.Everyone travels by car. Some roads in bigger cities can be very busy. Puerto Rico car drivers a patient and relaxed. No danger o bicycle riders at all.

Accommodations can be rather expensive. There are luxury hotel with more than US-$ 1.000,- a night. For us not affordable. With the help of a booking portal we found cheaper ones...

note: some booking portals can be nasty, as you cannot stop their marketing mails. I had bad experience particular with Expedia, Booking.com stopped sending marketing mails after at least three calls.

Particular the Virgin Island Culebra can hit deeply your wallet.

It means, we have to do everything on bicycle. As demanding it was sometimes, it was fun overall.

We found a lot of helping hands and enjoyed the people and landscape.

Car drivers are very careful. They yield, whenever a bicyclist is present. Sometimes we felt as coming from another planet. Only dogs have been chasing us. That's why local bicycle riders use a loud whistle to stop them.

During week days you will not see bicycle riders. Only on Sundays you may find sport riders with all kind of bicycles. Most of them very modern and expensive brands. But still rare...

To sum it up: I repeat what my daughter said: the Island has bike potential.

That's why the do an annual Vuelta. Well organized. Three pacing groups. A demanding ride for participants.

The do the Island round trip in three days, while we have been round 10 days on the way. Well, we made some sightseeing detours, visit the Island of Culebra and more...

The best ever stay we ad in Mayaguez. Town and hotel. See details of my report.

The hotel manager gave us very useful hints for our return way to San Jan.

Total riding distance has been round 700 kilometers.

Hope you find some interesting details and enjoyable picture.

Good luck to our followers!

1 day

29. January 2016 Friday

arrival at San Juan

night: Coral by the Sea, Rosa Street, 2 Isla Verde, 00979 San Juan, Puerto Rico, Hotel phone: +1 787 791 6868

2 day

30. January 2016 Saturday

sightseeing day San Juan

Visit: Barcadirumtastingtour



Phone: (787) 788-8400 •

Email: info@visitcasabacardi.com

Riding to old San Juan and touring around (riding distance about 50 kilometers)


Coral by the Sea

We entered the Bacardi rumtasting tour.

now we are experts as we have passed the Bacardi university of rumtasting

see certificate!

It would be worth to add more pictures, but I need to stop as Google only allows 100 MB per site

some views to the Old San Juan city: pictures taken on the ride down to Old San Juan

3 day

31. January 2016 Sunday

ride the bicycle to Fajardo (riding distance about 80 km)

night: Moonlight Bay Hostel, 478 Cometa, Puerto Real, Fajardo, 00740, Puerto Rico, hotel Phone: +17878011578

found on the hotel pin board:

4 day

01 February 2016 Monday

ferry to Culebra

Note: ferry departs 09:00 am

Code from Culebraservices@gmail.com :

see schedule


cost of ferry: US-$ 19,50 if one books in advance, bicycle US-$ 4,50

(riding distance about 50 kilometers)

night: hotel Kokomo Culebra, 6 Calle Pedro Mendez, Culebra, 00775 Puerto Rico

(riding distance about 50 kilometers)

ferry to Culebra:

Culebra Island touring:

5 day

02 February 2016 Tuesday

A day at Culebra


Hotel Kokomo Culebra

riding to the most famous Flamingo beach

(riding distance about 50 kilometers)

6 day

03 February 2016 Wednesday

Ferry to Fajardo

ride the bicycle to Ceiba (distance about 35 kilometers)

night: Ceiba Country Inn, Carretera 977, Km. 1.2, Ceiba, 00735, hotel hone: +787 8850471

(riding distance about 50 kilometers)

7 day

04 February 2016 Thursday

ride the bicycle to Naguabo and climb up to Casa Cubuy (riding distance about 45 kilometers


Casa Cubuy Ecolodge, Road 191 Km. 22 Naguabo, P.R, 00718 Naguabo, Puerto Rico, hotel phone: +17878746221

8 day

05 February 2016 Friday

a day at Naguabo

night:Casa Cubuy Ecolodge

hike the waterfall way

9 day

06 February 2016 Saturday

check out Casa Cubuy Ecolodge

Ride bicycle to Palmas del Mar (South of Humancao) - (riding distance about 45 Kilometers)

Night: Wyndham Gardens at Palmas del Mar, 170 Candelero Drive , Humacao, 00791, Puerto Rico, hotel phone: +18666152323

an expensive resort hotel. Has been an exception for us as bicyclists ;-)

10 day

07 February 2016 Sunday

Ride bicycle to Yabuccoa (South of Humancao) - (distance about 45 Kilometers)


Hotel Lucia Beach, Panoramic Road 901, Int.9911, Box Camino Nuevo, Lucía Beach, Yabucoa, 00767, Puerto Rico, hotel phone: +17877058734

11 day

08 February 2016 Monday

Ride to Ponce (riding distance about 105 kilometers)

Night: Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino, Reina Street, Ponce 00731 Puerto Rico, hotel phone +17878135050

12 day

09 February 2016 Tuesday

A rest day at Ponce

Ponce Plaza Hotel & Casino

Madi Gras in Ponce (for everyone):

Our ride to Thebes:

13 day

10 February 2016 Wednesday

ride to San German (riding distance about 85 Kilometers)

night: hotel Parador Oasis, Luna Street 72, San German 00683 Puerto Rico, hotel phone +17878921175

down, down, down

the drink storage

in the streets of San German:

14 day

11 February 2016 Thursday

ride from San German to Mayaguez (riding distance about 40 Kilometers)


Mayagüez Resort & Casino, Ruta 104 KM 0.3 Sector Algarrobo, 00681 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, hotel Phone: +17878323030

this has been the most recommendable hotel on our tour

Mayaguez Pictures:

The best hotel on out tour:

15 day

12 February 2016 Friday

ride to Arecibo:

the local landmark:

get some sand in your shoes

crazy about beaches

ride from Mayaguez to Arecibo (riding distance about 115 Kilometers)

night: Surfside, Doors of the Atlantic, PR 681 KM 4.0, Arecibo, 00612, Puerto Rico, hotel Phone +17865079846

this has been an apartment hotel with low standard interior ;-(

16 day

13 February 2016 Saturday

Manati and surrounding:

you know, everything is bigger in America

ride from Arecibo to Manati (distance about 50 Kilometers)

night: Puerto Rico Luxury Appartments, Urbanizacion Oneill Calle 3 FF128, Manati, 00674, Puerto Rico, hotel Phone: +17865079846

17 day

14 February 2016 Sunday

ride from Manati to San Juan (distance about 50 Kilometers)

night: Coral by the Sea, Rosa Street, 2 Isla Verde, 00979 San Juan, Puerto Rico, hotel phone: +1 787 791 6868

where we have left our bike boxes

18 day

Kulturtag at San Juan (castle visit):

15 February 2016 Monday

San Juan sightseeing and beach

Puerto Rico is music and drinks:


Coral by the Sea

Pack the bike

19 day

16 February 2016 Tuesday

check-out of Hotel latest 12:30

good by Puerto Rico - one good day we willbe back:

fly back home

San Juan airport Luis Munoz Marin

20 day

17 February 2016 Tuesday

arrive back home