Pueblo Wood Turners

As a Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), we are committed to the advancement of the great world of wood turning by helping all those who wish to learn to create useful or wondrous items by the use of a wood lathe. We are a group of novice to semi professional men and women who meet once a month to discuss, watch & learn about wood turning.

Please note that our next Pueblo Woodturners Meeting:

Pueblo Woodturners meeting will be held Weds. March 14th at the Patrick A. Lucero Library, 1315 E. 7th St. Pueblo, Co. 81001; 6:30pm. The demonstration will be Woodburning Designs and Artwork by Paul Gonzalez. Please bring wood for our wood raffle and your artwork for our show and tell.  If other members have woodburning sets, they might bring them to compare to Paul`s after his demonstration and to show different brands.
And usually featuring a wood turning demonstration by either one of the members, or a professional guest turner, showing their own proven techniques.

Perpetual Turning 
Each month a perpetual Turning will be raffled off. The member who wins the Perpetual Turning is then expected to bring in a turning of his or her own for the following months raffle. The Perpetual Turning is open to all skill levels; beginners are encouraged to participate. The Perpetual Turning is a great way to acquire pieces made by other members; however, if for any reason the raffle winner does not wish to participate in the Perpetual Turning raffle he or she may choose another item and the next winner is then eligible to choose the Perpetual Turning .

Two of the recommended ways are: 
1) Spread the rags out on a non-combustible surface to let them dry before discarding. 
2) Submerge the oily rags in water so that they can not catch fire.