Pueblo Wood Turners 

Our Mission:

As a Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW), we are committed to the advancement of the great world of woodturning by helping all those who wish to learn to create useful or wondrous items by the use of a wood lathe. We are a group of novice to semi-professional men and women who meet once a month to discuss, watch & learn about woodturning.

The Pueblo Woodturners Club will meet every 2nd Wednesday at the 

IBEW Union Hall, at 2901 Farabaugh Lane at 6:30 p.m.

(Enter Service Door at rear of building)

"Our meetings are open to anyone interested in a topic or demonstration."

For more information contact Carl Fulbright



Fractal Burning Kills;     AAW Reiterates the Dangers

The AAW Board  Safety Committee, wants to re-emphasize the dangers associated with the process known as Lichtenberg, or “fractal,” burning, an embellishing technique that uses high-voltage electrical current to burn patterns on wood. This often unsafe, life-threatening practice has once again surfaced in the news and on social media, following a two-victim incident in April 2022.


In 2017, the AAW Board of Directors banned any fractal-burning demonstrations and equipment sales at AAW-sponsored events. The ban prohibits displaying fractal-burned pieces at any AAW-sponsored event and promoting the practice via articles in AAW publications. Sadly, since the AAW Board adopted its policy on fractal burning in 2017, there have been thirty-three reported deaths directly attributed to fractal burning, and an unknown number of injuries and close calls.


Dispose of oily rags appropriately to avoid spontaneous combustion!