Risk Communications Network   Pueblo, CO

Professionals dedicated to protecting the citizens of Pueblo County and the surrounding area by providing coordinated, accurate, consistent and timely public information


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As always, the agenda will include networking and an open discussion lessons learned session. 
Public Information Officers that are members of the Pueblo Risk Communications Network learn about...

Joint Information Center
Incident Command Structure
Community Outreach
Keeping Your Message Fresh
Community Outreach
Website Design
Public Speaking
Graphic Design
Social Media
Crisis Communication


Our Vision

The Risk Communications Network exists to build relationships, provide support and enhance coordination among Pueblo-area public information officers, thereby ensuring the delivery of timely, accurate and consistent information to all impacted audiences. 


Our History

The Pueblo Risk Communications Network was formed in May 2004 in response to communication problems associated with several large-scale community emergencies.

During a crisis, the effective release of timely, factual information to the public may be hindered by a serious lack of coordination among the many agencies responding.
Public affairs professionals need to know one another and be trained together to effectively handle such an emergency.  The RCN facilitates that by organizing quarterly meetings.
Membership in the RCN is drawn from city and county first responders; other city, county, state and federal agencies, the military; and other service and support organizations (utilities, hospitals, schools, chambers of commerce/tourism offices, volunteer organizations, etc).