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Eric Gilman, PhD
Pelagic Ecosystems Research Services
Honolulu, Hawaii

Eric Gilman, Ph.D., conducts research on direct and collateral ecological effects of pelagic (oceanic) fisheries, fishing gear selectivity to reduce bycatch of at-risk taxa, mechanisms underpinning pelagic ecosystem stability and reduction of ghost fishing efficiency of derelict fishing gear. He has provided long-term scientific research services to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and The Nature Conservancy Tuna Program. He advises catch sector and supplier seafood companies on implementation of ecological sustainability programs. Previous employment included Marine Science Advisor with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Global Marine Programme, Head of Participation of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, Pacific Representative for the National Audubon Society Oceans Program, Special Assistant for the Environment with the Office of the Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Environmental Advisor to the Pohnpei Port Authority of the Federated States of Micronesia. He has a PhD from the University of Tasmania School of Geography and Environmental Studies, Australia; MSc from Oregon State University Department of Oceanography, USA; and BA from Wesleyan University, USA. Publications are available at: and Eric’s five-year average citation rate is > 500/year with a Google Scholar h-index of 27.


Editorial Board, journal Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 

Editorial Board, journal Marine Policy 

Editor, journal
Endangered Species Research

See for a 2017 project of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO): FAO is conducting a survey to obtain comments and suggestions to improve a section of FAO’s Draft Guidelines on the Marking of Fishing Gear on marking artificial drifting Fish Aggregating Devices (dFADs) used by purse seine tuna fisheries to identify ownership and track position. 

Website for project facilitating supply chain company support and participation in western and central Pacific Ocean regional and sub-regional management systems for albacore, bigeye and yellowfin tuna:  

Links to download compiled training materials for longline fishers in species identification, and best practice handling and release practices for seabirds, sea turtles, cetaceans, and unwanted sharks & rays:  

ISSF blog May 2016 on cross-taxa conflicts resulting from fisheries bycatch mitigation DOWNLOAD 

Affiliate Faculty, Hawaii Pacific University, College of Natural Sciences. 2010-present.

Honorary Associate, University of Tasmania, School of Geography and Environmental Studies, 2009-2012.

DIVERSITAS Endorsement of EBFM projects

Lenfest Ocean Program summary of supported projects

Publications are available at:

Seafood Summit 2015 - session on sustainable tuna product sourcing policies DOWNLOAD

Presentation on Ecological Data Requirements to Support Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management, made at the March 2014 FAO/ICES conference on fishery dependent data:

Presentation on Regional Fisheries Management Organizations' Monitoring and Management of Derelict Fishing Gear and Ghost Fishing, August 2014 International Whaling Commission Workshop on Threats from Marine Debris on Cetaceans. DOWNLOAD

Blog on ISSF website - on findings from a study that developed a standard against which to assess transparency in information on Member State compliance with RFMO obligations:

Blog on ISSF website - on tuna regional fisheries management organizations' progress and opportunities for improvement in governing tuna longline and purse seine tuna fisheries:

May 2013 Symposium on High Seas Ocean Governance, Stanford University

March 2013 presentation at the IUCN workshop, "Ecosystem-Level Impacts of Fisheries Bycatch on Marine Megafauna" -  

October 2012 Conference, Towards Ecosystem-based Management of Tuna Fisheries,

IC Independent Consulting:

Workshop on methods for estimating sea turtle post-release mortality in pelagic longline fisheries

Mentor group on developing gear technology methods to mitigate seabird bycatch

Pinterest shark bycatch board:

Google citation index 

FAO expert survey on options to mark purse seine drifting Fish Aggregating Devices to identify ownership and track position  

Consulting services fisheries mangrove bycatch 
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