Farmington High School PTSA

Farmington High School

32000 Shiawassee Street, Farmington MI 48336

Join our Farmington Falcons PTSA to be engaged in your child’s education, give students leadership and scholarship options, and participate in fundraisers for school clubs! The PTSA supports ALL School Booster Clubs – Join and be engaged!

Use this form today! Return with membership dues to FHS Main office when school begins.

Membership must be renewed yearly to receive a copy of the FHS PTSA Directory. The PTSA is an all-volunteer organization and we always welcome parent and student volunteers. Currently, we have many open volunteer opportunities for the 2022-2023 school year – from board positions to activity chairs.

FHS PTSA is a member of National, Michigan and Farmington Area PTAs to focus on advocacy and awareness while supporting FHS— specific initiatives through fundraising efforts.

2016 recipient of Organization of the Year from the City of Farmington Hills.

Questions about parental involvement, meeting topics, membership and volunteer opportunities can be directed to PTSA President Sheri Hicks.

PTSA Student Leaders

Students, are you interested in making a difference at Farmington and looking for leadership and scholarship opportunities? Join the PTSA Student Leaders at 2:45 PM every Tuesday, in room 104. The Student Leaders represent the student voice in the PTSA and promote scholarship, leadership, character and service for all students. We encourage every student to take the Falcon Challenge and

1) Get involved in at least one FHS club or activity and

2) Volunteer 40 hours of community service to earn an honor cord.

Join us to find out more and share your ideas.


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Join the Farmington High School Community Facebook page to join discussions and topics of interest to our students, parents, teachers and administrators. Please post pictures of students, school events and successes you wish to share with the FHS community! This is a Facebook group that anyone associated with FHS can join, regardless of PTSA membership. To be approved to join, come to the Facebook page, ask to join, and answer a quick question about your association with FHS.

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