Tom's Gaming Page

I've had over 20 games, including expansions, published so far.  Here is my current ludography and a bit about my gaming background.

I support my games on BoardGameGeek.  Here is a link to my BGG designer page, from which you can easily access forums for all my published games.  For upcoming publications, I will often supply a "designer preview" to BGG.

I was Guest of Honor at BGGCon in 2008, Gamestorm 12 and Origins in 2010, a featured guest at Gateway in 2010, and a panelist at WorldCon in 2011 (Renovation) and 2014 (LonCon 3).  Come join us, if I'm at a con near you!

I play lots of games that aren't my own and, occasionally, come up with house rules for games that don't quite seem to work for us.

I once wrote a brief essay on educational games and gaming.