Pawel Smietanka

I work as a research economist at the Bank of England, investigating structural issues and using lots of firm-level data.

I hold a PhD in Economics from the University of Nottingham, which has links to the legend of Robin Hood. My thesis was about the effects of macroeconomic uncertainty on corporate decisions.

I have hands-on experience of working with firm-level data and analysing various corporate decisions, particularly investment and cash holding decisions as well as payout policies.

I am a proficient user of several statistical packages, but my favourite ones by far are Stata and Matlab. I also enjoy working in R, SPSS, Gauss, EViews and FAME (SunGard).

My research interests lie in the area of microeconomics, uncertainty, corporate finance and econometrics.

At the Bank of England I am in the team that set up the Decision Maker Panel to review the effect of current economic uncertainty on UK firms' decisions.

My Bank's website is available here.