Pawel Smietanka

I work as a research economist at the Bank of England, investigating structural issues and using lots of firm-level data.

Prior to joining the Bank, I was doing a PhD in Economics at the University of Nottingham, which has links to the legend of Robin Hood. My thesis was about the effects of macroeconomic uncertainty on corporate decisions.

While in Nottingham I used to work as a Graduate Teaching Fellow too and was responsible among others for running Stata and EViews Clinics for undergraduate students, which I greatly enjoyed.

I have hands-on experience of working with firm-level data and analysing various corporate decisions, particularly investment and cash holding decisions as well as payout policies.

I am a proficient user of several statistical packages, but my favourite ones by far are Stata and Matlab. I also enjoy working with R, SPSS, Gauss, EViews and FAME (SunGard).

My research interests lie in the area of macroeconomics, uncertainty, corporate finance and econometrics.

At the Bank of England I am in the team that set up the Decision Maker Panel to review the effect of current economic uncertainty on UK firms' decisions.