This page will host a range of resources to enrich the experience of using the book.

This GitHub repository contains Matlab code to perform selected calculations from the book. Readers interested in seeing numerical implementations of the equations, or extending these calculations for other uses, may find this respository useful.

This GitHub repository contains Matlab functions for a number of popular Ground Motion Models (as discussed in Chapter 4 of the book). The functions have been formatted to use consistent inputs and outputs, so that models can easily be exchanged, or used together in a logic tree. Further documentation of these functions can be found in the following report:

Mongold and Baker (2021). "A software repository of Ground Motion Models.” Blume Earthquake Engineering Center Technical Report 207.

Community collaboration in Slack

We have established the slack channel in order to provide a community forum for knowledge sharing related to specifics of the book and more generally the topics of seismic hazard and risk analysis. If you would like to join, please complete this registration form, and you will be added within five days.

Introductory probability videos

The following videos cover content provided in Appendix A, for readers interested in additional background material on this topic.


Identified errata in the 1st Edition (as at 16 November 2021).