Patricio S. Dalton
with my favourite co-author

Associate Professor of Economics
Tilburg University
Research Fellow CAGECentER, and EBC.
Department of Economics
Room P 2.101
PO Box 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

Phone (office): +31 13 466 4032
Phone (secretary): +31 13 466 2416
email: p.s.dalton AT uvt DOT nl

My UvT page

New! A recent interview by Rethinking Economics published at ESB (in Dutch)

Research Interest

My research mainly focuses on how psychological factors influence individuals’ decision-making, and on how these decisions affect welfare and economic development. For instance, I study sub-optimal choices. I look at how such choices can be identified and how different circumstances, like poverty, influence their likelihood to occur and their impact. My research portfolio includes a broad set of themes, all in the field of behavioral economics. The themes I am interested in are behavioral welfare economics, psychology of poverty, incentives and performance, determinants of preferences and biases and external and internal barriers to grow of small firms in developing countries.