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Further information about the psci-com discussion list, including list archive, can be found at the list web site:
You may also change your settings and subscribe/unsubscribe to psci-com from the web site.

Psci-com is part of the National Academic Mailing List Service, known as 'JISCMail'.
It adheres to the JISCMail Acceptable Use Policy:
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Email commands:
1. To stop getting emails from the list (eg if you're on leave) send an email to with the following message:
set psci-com nomail

2. To resume getting messages from the list, send an email to with the message:
set psci-com mail

3. To leave psci-com, send an email to with the message:
signoff psci-com

Please allow up to 24 hours for these commands to activate.

Remember that you will need to send commands using the same email address that you used to register on psci-com.
To contact the psci-com list owner, currently Jo Brodie, please send an email to: