Upward Bound 2017

We have some sad news today.  We are going to have to cancel Vacation Bible School next week.  Our VBS Director Anna More has come down with a severe case of chicken pox.  And we have no one that is prepared to step in and do everything she does for the week.  I’ve had few people who heard of Anna’s illness volunteer to help, but we all realized that we just can’t prepare for this in just a few days.  Anna's presence is critical for the week to run smoothly, to say nothing of the wonderful way she leads the opening and closing ceremonies each day, the skits, and more.  It’s better not to do VBS at all, if we can’t give it our best.

We appreciate all that Anna has done to prepare for this VBS.  We always knew her presence was “mission critical,” but now we know for sure.  

Pray that Anna recovers quickly with no lingering problems.

If you have friends or neighbors that were planning on attending our VBS, please let them know about the cancellation.

Thank you!

Pastor Meyers